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The poop might not be a topic anyone would like to talk about but did you know the stool can reveal so much about people’s overall health? You can actually identify the types of stool and what they mean by its shape and color. Being aware of these things can help you track what’s going on inside your body. You can also avoid getting ill and keep it from getting worse. Keep reading to know what does your poop tells about your health!

Poop Trivia: What Does My Poop Mean?

What Does Your Poop’s Texture Mean?

What Does Your Poop's Texture Mean? | Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered | Homesteading

Did you know that the texture of your stool says so much about what you eat? If, for example, your stool is softer than usual, it means you have eaten food which is a bit greasy. Lack of fluids intake, on the one hand, can result in a hard stool. The following are the different textures of stool and what they exactly mean:

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Separate hard lumps, like nuts

You’re lacking fiber and fluids. Drink more water and chomp on some fruits and veggies. This will also prevent you from getting hemorrhoids which is the cause of hard stool.


Sausage-shaped, lumpy

Not as serious as hard lumps which are separate but you need to load up on fluids and fiber. Infusing your diet with lots of vegetables and fruits on your meals can help you achieve a softer stool.

Sausage-shaped, with cracks visible on the outer apperance

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This is quite normal but cracks mean you still need to boost your water intake. The best way to increase your water intake is to monitor how many glasses of water can you finish in a day. The required minimum is 12 glasses.

Sausage-shaped, soft, and smooth

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Optimal poop! You’re doing fine! This means you are eating and drinking well within the normal and accepted range when it comes to fiber and fluid intake.

Soft blobs with edges that are clear-cut

Not too bad. Pretty normal if you’re pooping multiple times a day. When your bowel movement happens on a regular basis, this means your body detoxifies regularly too, flushing out all the toxins.

Fluffy pieces, mushy stool with ragged edges

You’re on the brink of having a normal stool. This type of stool is on its way to becoming diarrhea. You might need to consider having a “BRAT” (banana, rice, apple, and tea) diet.

Watery and not enough solid pieces, all liquid

If you’re wondering what does diarrhea mean, then this is it. It’s caused by a certain kind of infection and diarrhea’s the way for your body to clean it out. Make sure to increase your intake of liquids to avoid dehydration.

Soft, sticks to the side of the bowl

Presence of excess oil can mean your body does not absorb fats the right way. A disease such as the chronic pancreatitis prevents your body from absorbing the fat properly.

What Does Poop Color Mean?

What Does Poop Color Mean? | Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered | HomesteadingWhat Does Poop Color Mean? | Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered | Homesteading
What does it mean when your poop floats by savoirjoaillerie

While poop’s color is an indicator of how your body reacted to what you’ve eaten, it could also depend on the color of the food you’ve taken. Be mindful of this if you’re noticing an unusual change.


You’re fine. Poop is commonly brown because of the bile being produced in your liver. This means you are also eating healthily and you have taken less food with synthetic coloring.


Food is likely going through your large intestine too fast or you’ve eaten plenty of green and leafy veggies. This can also come from a food coloring that’s green.


A greasy and yellow stool with a foul odor is a sign of excess fat probably due to a celiac disease which is a malabsorption disorder.


Black poop color can mean that you’re bleeding internally because of cancer or ulcer. Some vitamins containing iron or bismuth subsalicylate could causefor your stool to become black, too. Pay attention if it’s sticky. If you have concerns and starting to get worried, consult a specialist.

Light-colored, clay-colored, or white

If it’s not what you’re normally seeing, it can possibly mean an obstruction of the bile duct. Some medications could cause this, too. If in case you’ll have a light-colored stool, ask your doctor.

Blood-stained or Red

A blood in your stool can show a symptom of cancer. See a doctor right away if you have a poop with blood. Though there is no need to panic, this requires immediate medical help.

Poop Questions Answered

Poop Questions Answered | Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered | Homesteading

Poop Questions Answered | Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered | Homesteading

How often should you poop?

On average, people go once or twice a day, but some may go more and some may go less. According to doctors, there’s no normal frequency, so as long as you’re comfy, you’re fine.

How to keep your poop healthy?

  • Eat a diet high in fiber (20 – 25 g), lots of water, and regular exercise.
  • If you’re having trouble pooping (constipation), dietary fiber can help make the passage smoother.
  • Proper hydration will ensure your colon has enough moisture for the stool to go through.

When do you need to see a doctor?

The first time you notice unusual conditions in your stool, don’t panic yet. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and whenever you feel uneasy, it’s the best time to consult a doctor.

Quick Facts About Your Stool

  • The food you eat usually takes 1-3 days from the time you eat it till it ends up in your poop.
  • Poop is made up of undigested food, mucus, dead cells, and bacteria that’s why it smells.
  • Healthy poop sinks slowly.
Your Poop Questions Are Now Answered | HomesteadingYour Poop Questions Are Now Answered | Homesteading
What’s Your Poop Telling You? by Daily Infographic

When you poop, the little brown pieces in your toilet bowl are what’s left of the food after your body absorbed all the nutrients from it. Pooping is vital to your health as it’s your body’s natural mechanism of disposing of the waste it doesn’t need. It is exactly the reason why how it looks and smells can be an indication of your overall health. Always consult with your doctor if there’s something unusual in your stool.

Did these facts help you understand more about your poop and your body in general? You can share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 27, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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