You Know You’re A Farm Girl When…

Home Self Sufficiency You Know You’re A Farm Girl When…

Want to know if you’re a real farm girl? You’ve been living in the farm for years but do you really consider yourself as one? Check these signs and find out for yourself!

You Know You’re A Farm Girl When…

By Kathy Bernier

Sometimes you just know. You know you’re a people person when you stop to chat with a stranger in the grocery store checkout and end up giving them your phone number in case they want to talk more later. You know you’re the cat lady when your cupboards are so full of feline vittles that there’s no room for people food.

There are signs of being a farm girl, too. Here is a list of the top ten warning signs that you just might have left the pavement for good. You just might be a farm girl if…

10 Reasons You Know You’re A Farm Girl

Count down with me, and see how you relate! Did we miss any? Share your own reasons in the comments.

10. You own more pairs of rubber boots than heels.

You Know You're A Farm Girl When... 10. You own more pairs of rubber boots than heels.

In fact, you are so happy in your comfortable pull-on farm boots that you just buy them in pretty colors and hope you can get away with wearing them to town.

9. You have ever lain awake in bed waiting for that last jar of canned vegetables to pop.

How to Can

How sweet it is—the sound of the lid sealing in all those flavors of fresh garden and hard work.

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8. You have a different idea for an air freshener.

Air Fresheners At Home

There’s nothing like the scent of fresh laundry hung to dry in the open air.

Your idea of an air freshener is a bowl of ripe peaches, fresh-cut lilacs in a vase, warm bread right out of the oven, laundry just in from the clothesline, and summer breeze coming in the open windows. What could be fresher than that?

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DIY Humidifier

Oh, and a humidifier is just as fancy: a kettle full of water on the wood stove.

7. You see the weather through different eyes:

When a nice day is predicted, other people see a beach day. You see a great opportunity to get the carrots thinned and clean out the barn.

Handsplit Firewood

Split your firewood early and enjoy a long winter in peace and warmth.

In the fall when others are welcoming the season for wearing tall boots and long sweaters, you are concerning yourself with getting your tomatoes picked before a hard frost and getting enough firewood split.

You Know You're A Farm Girl When... - 3919

Fresh, Ripe, Green Tomatoes!

To regular people, rain means muddying up the just-washed car and carrying an umbrella. If you’re a farm girl, it means a day off from watering.

HOMESTEADING life on the farm 06

Each season has it’s own smell

In the cold of winter when the weather forecasters on TV are warning viewers to bundle up and drive carefully, farm girls are more worried about getting the barn gates shoveled out and keeping the animals warm.

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6. You have a different dress code.

Farmers Clothes

On the farm, convenience trumps style. Being a farmgirl is a style of its own.

You have looked down and realized you are dressed in pajamas, farm boots, a wool overcoat, work gloves, and a kitchen apron. Life comes at you fast on the farm, and sometimes you end up adding on layers for the next activity without considering the whole ensemble. It happens.

5. You wake up earlier than others.

hOMESTEADING life on the farm 04

Morning sunrise on the homestead

You have ever woken up at 6:30 and run downstairs in a panic, demanding to know why the rest of the house let you sleep in so long. Farming starts early in the morning, and nobody wants to be late to the party.

4. You use Mother Nature for heating and cooling.

Pressing Cheese

The process of setting cheese

You have carefully carried a pot of warm milk upstairs and set it on your husband’s dresser for overnight, because it’s warmer up there and the cheese will set up better. Let’s face it, using Mother Nature to heat and cool the house has its challenges. You have to go with the flow—and in some cases, take your pot of cheese with you.

3. Your have a different shopping list.

Shopping List

Your shopping list usually includes at least one of the following: ammo for the varmint gun, chainsaw gas, canning jar lids, bug spray, and syringes for goat shots.

Out on the farm, there’s a whole different list of “must-haves” – Click here to read 9 Tools I Always Have At The Barn.

2. You have ever found a beetle in your bowl of fresh berries and cereal, picked him out and tossed him, and kept eating.

Fresh Picked Blueberries

Fresh Picked Berries – Bug Free… Or Not.

You worked way too hard getting those berries to your bowl to throw them out now. After all that planting, tending, pruning, and picking—what’s a little bug here and there? You breathe a big sigh of relief that you didn’t eat him and drive on.

1. The number one way that you know you’re a farm girl?

When you lean over to pick something up on your way in from collecting eggs in the chicken house and suddenly hear a faint but distinctive “POP” sound coming from the vicinity of your hoodie pocket.

You knew it was bound to happen eventually. All those times you reminded yourself to remember they were there, and all those times you breathed a sigh of relief when you found them in your pocket three hours later and you realized you had forgotten them. You were lucky then, but it was just a matter of time before your luck ran out.

It’s so inevitable that it’s almost a rite of passage.

You reach in, and sure enough. Eeeeeeeuuwwww. There it is. A farm fresh egg, broken and gooey in your pocket.

You peel the jacket off, pull the pocket inside out, rinse it out in the sink, and congratulate yourself for having made it as long as you did without it happening.


If an egg has ever popped in your jacket or apron pocket, you know you’re a farm girl.

If you have done any of these things, there is little doubt about it. Your feet and heart are firmly planted on the farm for life.

How many of the 10 signs apply to you?

How much of a farm girl are you?

Did we miss anything?

Let us know below in the comments!

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