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Why Almost Everyone Is Wrong About Cooking With Lard

Our ancestors ate lard for thousands of years and were healthier than we are now.

Are you like millions of Americans who bought into the lipid hypothesis myth? You know, the one that says that saturated fat causes heart disease and is like poison to your body? Did you abandon the way your great-grandmother cooked, replacing healthy animal fats with synthetic hydrogenated oils for fear of ruining your health? If so, you are not alone.

The good news is that your great-grandmother was probably right all along. In fact, our ancestors ate lard and other natural saturated fats for thousands of years and were comparably healthier than we are now.

In spite of modern medicine, we are not living much longer than people 2,000 years ago, so something must be wrong. Moreover, degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis were extremely rare before the 1900s.

The Good News

Recent, breaking research has confirmed what many have known for years: natural saturated fat does not cause heart disease or stroke. Now, it will just be a matter of time before this information makes its way into mainstream medicine, thereby splitting the lipid hypothesis wide open.

We must prepare for it to trickle down slowly as paradigms do take a while to change. This is a challenge for health academics for sure who have spent the better part of their career advising against consumption of saturated fat. Plain and simple, it takes people a while to admit that they are wrong.

The Rise Of Dangerous Cottonseed Oil

It will take an even longer time before food manufacturers make the shift. This is mostly because there is extreme profit in cheap hydrogenated oils such as cottonseed. Interestingly enough, people saw cottonseed oil as waste in 1860, used it for fertilizer in 1870, fed it to cattle in 1880, and turned it into table food by 1890.

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In the early 1900s, Proctor and Gamble were growing and harvesting cotton and began to experiment with the cottonseed (a byproduct of cotton). They wanted to see if they could do anything with it to expand their profits. After some experimentation, they found that by heating and pressing the seed, they could extract an oil. Furthermore, this process was easy and inexpensive, making it highly desirable. Companies used this process of hydrogenation to make the oil last a long time, and when it cooled it looked just like lard. We knew this product as Crisco (the recipe has since been replaced with soybean oil).

It was at this point in food manufacturing that the decision to market cottonseed oil had a terrible and far-reaching impact on the health of millions of Americans. Crisco was touted as being a cheaper and healthier alternative to lard. Early on, Proctor and Gamble even gave away free cookbooks with each purchase of Crisco that replaced lard and butter with the dangerous oil.

Today, the packaged or processed food that you find in your local grocery store uses cottonseed oil. The list includes such things as chips, cookies, crackers, bread, salad dressings — even soaps, shampoos, and makeup.

This oil contains 50 percent omega-6 fatty acids. Although we have a small amount of omega-6 in our body, too much causes inflammation. Most lifestyle illnesses today are the result of inflammation.

Not long after cottonseed oil infiltrated our food supply, diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and autism skyrocketed.

On the other hand, saturated fat such as what you can find in lard is actually good for the body.

Saturated Fat Is Necessary For Strong Bones

Your body can’t effectively incorporate calcium into bone without saturated fat. Dr. Mary Enig, PhD., leading expert on dietary fats, recommends that 50 percent of fat in our diet should come from saturated sources.

Saturated Fat Keeps Lungs Healthy

In order for lungs to function properly, a thin layer of lung surfactant needs to coat them. This material consists of 100 percent saturated fatty acids. If we replace this fat with non-saturated types, the surfactant does not work properly and we may experience breathing problems.

Saturated Fat Keeps Your Brain Healthy

The brain is made up of fat and cholesterol. In addition, most of the fatty acids in the brain are saturated. When we eliminate saturated fats from our diet, we rob our brains and they cannot function properly.

Saturated Fat Builds A Strong Immune System

Saturated fat keeps the immune system strong. When we lose saturated fatty acids in white blood cells, they have a hard time identifying and destroying foreign invaders such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Saturated Fat Is Good For Your Heart

This is perhaps the biggest shock of all. What health experts once thought to be detrimental to cardiovascular health they are now recognizing as being beneficial. Saturated fat reduces lipoprotein (a), which correlates strongly with the risk of heart disease. Additionally, studies show that when women diet, those eating the most total fat as saturated fat lose the most weight.

Saturated Fat Helps With Nerve Signaling

Saturated fats that you may find in butter, coconut oil, and lard work as signaling messengers to influence your metabolism. This process includes the release of insulin.

Why Use Lard?

Lard, or pig fat, appears to be making somewhat of a comeback these days. Although lard is a saturated fat, it actually contains one-fourth the amount of saturated fat that butter does. In addition, it is rich in monounsaturated fat such as what you can find in olive oil.

1. Lard Is Good For You

Lard is comprised of 48 percent monounsaturated fat. This figure makes it second to olive oil, which contains 77 percent monounsaturated fat. The primary fat found in lard is oleic acid, which people have associated with a decreased risk of depression, a reduced risk of cancer, and proper cholesterol balance. Lard is also loaded with naturally occurring vitamin D. We are a society that is deficient in vitamin D and we don’t do a very good job of synthesizing it either. Pigs, on the other hand, store vitamin D in the fat under their skin, which is why the lard is so full of it. Consuming lard on a regular basis can help to keep our vitamin D levels where they need to be.

2. Lard Is Natural And Highly Sustainable

Although not everyone can raise a pig, if you can and you let it get to be about 250 pounds, you will have about 20 pounds of lard. It takes about 6-9 months to raise a pig to this weight, and this would give a family of 5 plenty of lard for a year.

3. Lard Is Tasty

Those that cook regularly with lard will testify to its taste and ease of use. From crispy, fried, free-range chicken to baked goods — lard just makes everything taste richer. Pastry chefs swear by it for a wonderful and light crust.

Warning… Don’t Buy Store-Bought Lard

The lard that you will find in your local grocery store is not healthy but is hydrogenated and comes from pigs raised in confinement. Look for a local, organic pig farm where the animals are raised outdoors and are not given any antibiotics or drugs. Visit to find a farm near you.

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Do you use lard? What tips would you give to readers? Tell us in the comments section below.

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The city decided to add 3,700 people to its death tolls, who they “presumed” to have died from the virus, according to a report from The New York Times. The additions increased the death toll in the U.S. by 17%, according to the Times report, and included people who were suffering from symptoms of the virus, such as intense coughing and a fever.

The report stated that Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided over the weekend to change the way the city is counting deaths.

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The Ultimate Energizer Review – Does It Really Work?


If you’re looking for a review of the ultimate energizer guide then you have come to the right spot because in this exclusive article we’re going to blow the lid off the ultimate energizer once and for all and reveal weather it is the real deal or not.

This brings us to the review of the ultimate energizer guide. This is a program that provides users with classified information on how to build a free energy generator. But can the program really make you achieve this?

does it work? will it be worth your investment, time and energy? all these questions and more are what this review on the ultimate energizer program seeks to help you find answers to.

The ultimate energizer review – is it worth it?

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About The Ultimate Energizer guide

The ultimate energizer is your ultimate guide to building your own alternative and portable energy source to power up any of your household appliances including refrigerators and aircon units. It is a very affordable way to having an emergency generator that can help you save more than 50% from your electricity bills without spending too much on other alternative energy source like solar panels or wind turbines which is costly and will also need a lot of space.

The ultimate energizer causes you to be calm about the electricity bill. This well ordered guide shows you how to manufacture this claim “home energy gadget” today impeccably. This will dispose of your energy charge ensured.

It is lost to the earth which means we need to really take care of it in order to reduce the cost of energy bills which introduces the ultimate energizer guide.

About The Ultimate Energizer Creator

The creator of the complete the ultimate energizer guide is steven perkins. He found the journal of the founder of this technology in his home when his father shifted near quebec city in canada.

In this post, we will review the ultimate energizer whose creator claimed to offer a way through which you can generate non-stop current. According to the author, you can drop down your electricity bills by 80%.

Of course the ultimate energizer owners provide resources. But the truth is that you are a master creator. All of them have that talent in us. The only difference is the extent to which it is hidden in each of us.

Features of The Ultimate Energizer

The features of the ultimate energizer guide are as follows:-. This program guide will help you to design a the ultimate energizer generator which will follow the rules of linear induction motor which is built around a track that is orbicular to maintain the smooth motion of rotors that are transportable.

You can find here, a extensive review which highlights all the important features and performance criteria of the ultimate energizer. Use of the the ultimate energizer is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed in a short time; you have complete control over it. 100% money back guarantee shows that the ultimate energizer really works. The ultimate energizer gives full customer support for 7/24/365, also, features, credibility and the ultimate energizer’s ease of use are favorably satisfied by the buyers.

Use it on any electrical appliances from small clocks to big plasma tv screens, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Power the cabins while hiking to the mountains or camping. Other essential features of this complete the ultimate energizer are that it is easy to assemble and does not require a technical background to master engineering.

Pros and Cons of The Ultimate Energizer

I’ve created this  honest ultimate energizer review to help you make a well-informed decision. I’ve tested it myself and now i’m going to share with you all the key aspects you may be interested in: how does it work? is it really so powerful and effective? what are its pros and cons?.

It is non-polluting. It remains popular the ultimate energizer guide pros & cons because it is both a renewable and clean source of energy. Harnessing solar energy is more than a fine idea it’s currently a reality in thousands of homes in a lot of nations around the world.

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On the review of the ultimate energizer guide, we will be looking into what exactly the program is all about, the details of the energy generator program, the benefits, pros & cons and our conclusion on the program.

Does The Ultimate Energizer really work?

The device is usable during emergencies. It works without fuels and therefore there are no expected fumes. It is weather proof. Cons of the ultimate energizer. You can only download the program from the official website.

But the ultimate energizer reviews that are available from real users online on platforms like google and youtube seem to confirm that the device does indeed work. So, as per my ultimate energizer review answer to the question is the ultimate energizer legit? is definitely yes.

The ultimate energizer guide. The ultimate energizer is said to work for your home and cut electricity by 82%, guaranteed by tomorrow. The ultimate energizer reviews. It can boost any type of electricity by as much as 5 times.

Advantages of The Ultimate Energizer Program

The program can benefit you in many ways. Below we are listing the advantages of using the ultimate energizer program for generating electricity:. This device will help you save up to 60%-70%, without investing money in solar panels which can cost you a lot of money.

There are additional the ultimate energizer guide program advantages too, including advantages at tax time, so do your homework on what you might have for being a solar power pioneer contributed back.

Why The Ultimate Energizer is Useful?

The ultimate energizer is a complete guide and blueprint. With it, you get everything you need to know to build your own free energy generator. This generator can be completed for less than $50 if you have some tools already. But i remember reading another review of the ultimate energizer, and the guy said he took days. Maybe he was crafty. Then, you assemble it and get it to work.

You will be guided step by step, that anybody who can read can build it. You do not need prior building experience or massive strength; it is that easy. Building the ultimate energizer takes under 4 hours if you are slow and definitely a lot less when you have help.

The ultimate energizer has already changed the lives of over 30,000 families who chose to power their homes using this eco-friendly device. This is definitely a good investment that is worth your time and money and if you think it isn’t after trying it out, you can request for a refund.

Is The Ultimate Energizer a Scam?

The ultimate energizer guide really show you how to power your house and save tremendously, or is this just another overhyped scam? this system was created after its owner decided he wanted to have a home power generating system in case of any crises or disasters.

The ultimate energizer pdf. It does not need any conventional electric power. The ultimate energizer scam. In this program, you can also build more generator and sell for profit. This product can also be incorporated into the automobile to power an electric motor.

All you need is an open mind and a desire to try new things to get a life in the field of freedom of energy. So, what are you waiting for? it’s time to say goodbye to major energy companies and start using the ultimate energizer guide today.

Watch this video demonstration of the ultimate energizer guide put into action


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