What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives?

Karambit knives are known to be one of the most lethal knives used in hand to hand combat. Martial arts style using the karambit are mostly from Southeast Asia particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It’s a curved weapon blade that punctures and lacerates. This knife’s design is made to mimic the claws and teetth of animals that have the ability to control and hook its prey. The traditional karambit are double-edged which can be used in close combat. Discover the art of the karambit and how it can help you defend yourself against potential attacks.

What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives?

The Karambit was initially made for agricultural purposes before it evolved as a weapon. Since Karambit knives are double-edged, you can slash using both its inside and outside blade. A folding version of the Karambit which is not double-edged has been made nowadays where it can be legally used. This knife is famous for its hook-and-destroy technique. It has a small hook-like feature near the handle that can lock your opponents arm putting a painful pressure in it. Once the arm is brought by that pressure out of danger, you can either use the pointed edge to stab an opponent’s vital body part or slash it with the Karambit’s sharp blade. This is definitely a knife designed for close combat.

Karambit for Farming

Karambit for Farming | What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives?
Image via shopsharpblades

The Karambit knife was first used as a tool for agricultural purposes. It was primarily used for rice farming either for raking roots or to thresh and plant rice. Like most blade weapons, the Karambit knife was a farming tool.

Hook Feature

Hook Feature | What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives?
Image via agknivesstore

This image shows the hook feature of a Karambit knife integrated into the outer blade. Once part of your opponent’s arm is caught in it, you can bring his arm wherever you want as it feels the pressure of the hook.

Catch and Hook

Catch and Hook | What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives?
image via the amaerican shooting journal

Here the arm is caught and feels the back edge of the karambit with its hook secured in place. This move is effectively used when preparing for an attack or controlling the limb further.


Lacerate | What Are The Uses Of Karambit Knives?
Image via InsideMartialArts

This shows the attacker’s arm caught in a move and ready to lacerate near his biceps. The palm of his hand is already in a position where it can no longer grip or apply pressure.

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Watch this video and learn how to hook and destroy using a Karambit knife.

Now you see how effective a karambit knife is used in close combat? I think learning and mastering three different techniques using the knife makes me invincible. Just seeing a person holding the knife properly and in good fighting position would be enough to scare an attacker.

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Feature Image Via – American Shooting Journal

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