Want to Deep Fry A Turkey? Here’s How to Do It The Right Way

Home Self Sufficiency Food Want to Deep Fry A Turkey? Here’s How to Do It The Right Way

So you want to deep fry a turkey? It might not be easy, but you’ll be surprised by the flavor and juiciness of the meat. It’ll give your traditional turkey recipe a new flavor that will surely elevate your Thanksgiving feast to the next level. Here’s how to deep fry a turkey… the right way.

Learn How To Deep Fry A Turkey The Right Way

How To Deep Fry A Turkey (So Nobody Catches On Fire)

I’ll admit, when it comes to deep frying birds, I’ve only heard horror stories! It’s a risky business, but it can be done safely. With the collective help of some amazing food blogs, I’ll show you how to properly deep fry a bird in no time at all and to ensure that no one gets hurt.


Deep frying a turkey is for someone with lots of cooking experience and someone who knows how to handle hot oil especially at that temperature!

A gentle note from the chefs over at Food52.com (I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself…)

Remember this is for outdoors. Not in a garage or under a carport, not under the dry pine tree, not close to the house. This turkey fry business has splattering oil, is messy and is enjoyable from beginning to end.

My neighbors set theirs up one year atop of their glass-topped outdoor table. The oil splattered on the glass, the glass shattered, the 4-1/2 gallons of oil and turkey ended up on the ground amidst the shattered glass. Another friend, not clear on the concept, put her still-frozen turkey in the pot of hot oil on top of her stove inside her house. It was your basic turkey bomb. If you want real entertainment go to Youtube and enter in “Deep Frying T….,” you’ll get about that far and you’ll have Deep Frying Turkey Explosions as an option. Lots of good pointers on what not to do.

Find a spot away from things that’ll catch fire. Cover the ground in tarps, old carpets, cardboard or whatever else may absorb the oil that comes splattering out. There’s a significant 5’ radius of splatter and you should have a 8’ radius covered to protect concrete from acquiring permanent oil.

So folks, with that being said, please proceed with caution and use the right ingredients to take proper precaution before deep frying a turkey. You don’t want a turkey stuck to your ceiling and you certainly don’t want to get hurt! Here’s a guide to deep-frying turkey safely…

You will need:

  • a gallon of vegetable broth
  • a gallon of ice water
  • a cup of sea salt
  • and one tablespoon each of sage, rosemary, thyme and black pepper.

Recipe compliments of Food52.

How To Deep Fry Your Turkey:

Step 1 : Gather Supplies

Step 1 : Gather Supplies | Want to Deep Fry A Turkey? Here’s How to Do It The Right Way

image via food 52

Grab your turkey from a local market, and start by making a simple brine.

Step 2: Prepare Turkey

Step 2: Prepare Turkey | Want to Deep Fry A Turkey? Here’s How to Do It The Right Way

image via food 52

Remove all the excess giblets and remove the neck. Remove any plastic or metal parts holding the legs together or a pop-out thermometer. Seal the turkey in an oven bag and keep it over night. On the following day, make sure to dry the turkey inside and out by gently patting. That is important – you don’t want the water droplets shooting out and hitting you in the eyes!

Step 3: Deep Fry It – Use Caution!

Step 3: Deep Fry It – Use Caution! | Want to Deep Fry A Turkey? Here’s How to Do It The Right Way

image via food 52

Roll the turkey in a plastic bag of flour and pepper and place on a spindle. Take twine and tie the legs and wings to the body and now you’re ready to bathe your bird in piping hot oil!

Step 4: Lower It In With Care

Step 4: Lower It In With Care | Want to Deep Fry A Turkey? Here’s How to Do It The Right Way

image via food 52

For the whole scoop on this amazing outdoor turkey roasting adventure, please visit their post here.

Want to see how to deep fry a turkey? Check out this video from State Farm Insurance:

There are lots of ways on how you can prepare your food. No matter how simple or complicated it may be, always do it with caution to avoid injuries. You definitely don’t want to have bad memories with your food. Happy Thanksgiving!

Want to learn how to raise a plump juicy farm-raised turkey? Check it out here.

Will you be deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving? I’m dying to know! Let me know in the comments section below.

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