VIDEO: Surviving in the Desert

surviving in the desert Surviving in the Desert

The Lighthearted Side of Survival

It becomes difficult to find humor or laugh when you’re facing a desperate situation like a natural disaster or some other SHTF scenario. The shock and horror can be deeply traumatic. Of course it’s only human to be affected negatively by unexpected and painful events, but we need to give ourselves time and distance. Time is the universal healer and distance offers a great coping mechanism, but humor or laughter as they say is the best medicine.

Being preppers and survivalists, we often make the mistake of taking life too seriously. You may get caught up in a bad situation sooner or later. Always remember that you can and will survive, considering the preparations that you’ve made and the survival skills that you’ve been training on. Use your kit, supplies and those skills but don’t forget to be positive and look for the funny side of things. It’s about time you added humor to your survival skills. Here is a spoof by Nigahiga of a popular survival TV show to get you started.

It’s nice to laugh every once in a while, but when it’s time to get serious about your survival plans, Survival Life is here to help. Check out the links below for some great survival tips.

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