VIDEO: Make a DIY Pen Bow

diy pen bow Make a DIY Pen Bow

A Makeshift Weapon Could Save Your Life When SHTF

It’s amazing how we as human beings can live through the toughest conditions imaginable. When we encounter desperate situations, the instinct to survive seems to show us the way out. Even the seemingly insignificant and very small items can turn into deadly weapons or useful hunting tools. Case in point: a pen bow.

Imagine a world where all that’s left is your home and most of the things around you have been reduced to rubble. No weapons, food or water can be found. Then your stomach starts to grumble. If you have a pen, a thick rubber band, electric tape or something similar and some barbecue skewers lying around, then you’re in luck. According to the CrazyRussianHacker, you can build a pen bow using these materials. The miniscule yet effective bow can be used for hunting small game at close range or as a self-defense weapon when there is no other choice.

In a SHTF situation, being able to find food is crucial. But there are some times and areas where large game such as deer are scarce, and you must reply on small game for sustenance. The above tutorial is a great solution for this. So are homemade traps. If you want to know how to build your own small game traps, check out our Trap for your Life series.

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