VIDEO: Finding and Cooking Wild Food on the Beach

finding food on the beach Finding and Cooking Wild Food on the Beach

Don’t Go Hungry When You’re Bugging Out by the Sea

Food is essential in keeping us strong and healthy. Water may keep us alive but it doesn’t have the nutrients that provide the energy our body needs for physical activity. When you’re out in the wilderness and your supplies have been used up, you’ll have to make do with what can be found or hunted.

In the video below from Ultimate Bushcraft, Ray Mears teaches us what can be done to find and cook food when you’re bugged out by the sea. You can hunt big game or collect shells; the objective is to look for sustenance, however difficult. After all, you need to eat in order to survive.

When it comes to survival, finding food it only half the battle. You also need to be able to cook your food, often without the help of modern appliances. Do you have the skills it takes to cook off the grid? Check out our Off the Grid Cooking Tips to learn how to cook delicious, healthy food even when you’re bugging out.

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