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Are you an urban farmer and looking for some seed saving tips? Seed saving is a great way to ensure you have a harvest for years to come. It has been an essential way to pass plants down through the ages. Preserve the practice of partaking the best of nature’s gifts by saving seeds in your garden. Check out these seed saving tips so you can save the cream of the crop.

Seed Saving Tips

Brentwood Urban Farm: A Sustainable Homestead in the City of Los Angeles

Owned and operated by green farmers: Emily Richards and John Nogawski. Learn more here.

Just because you live in a city, that doesn’t mean you can’t homestead. Such is the case for this organic urban farm. Brentwood Urban Farm is located in the heart of Los Angeles with a focus on water-preservation, organic ingredients, and building a green community. We’ll be trailing Brentwood Urban Farms all year long! We want to provide the best sustainable living tips and tricks straight to your browser! Along the way, we’ll also pick up more sustainable tips. But what are you waiting for? Keep reading to get started on learning seed saving.

Green Tip 1: Label, Label, Label

Green Tip 1: Label, Label, Label | Urban Farming | Seed Saving Tips

image via the natural singer

Always label your seeds with the species, variety, and date stored. This way you’ll always know what’s what. Also, most seeds have a significant decline in germination rate after about 3 to 5 years. Knowing how old your seeds are will give you a better sense of how viable they are.

Green Tip 2: Cool and Dry

Green Tip 2: Cool and Dry | Urban Farming | Seed Saving Tips

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When you store your seeds, make sure to keep them somewhere cool and dry. Heat and humidity (especially big changes in these factors) will reduce the shelf life of your seeds.

Green Tip 3: Relax!

Green Tip 3: Relax! | Urban Farming | Seed Saving Tips

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There’s always some amount of uncertainty when you’re saving seeds. Some may not sprout, some may quit different from the crops you grew last year, and that’s OK. When you work with nature, instead of trying to control it, unexpected things happen, and sometimes they’re unexpectedly amazing!

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Want more seed saving tips? Check out this video from Rob Bob’s Backyard Farming:

Stay tuned for more of Urban Farmer’s, Emily and Farmer John’s green ideas, and sustainability tips and tricks. Follow along as they dive deeper into the homesteading world. These urban farmers are up to some amazing lifestyle changes in the Los Angeles Community, and we want to share it with you so you can reinvent your world and take your part in making the planet a greener place!

Want another urban farming tips? Watch as John shows us how to prune tomatoes for a harvest that lasts all summer!

What do you think of this seed saving tips? Did you find it helpful and interesting? Let us know in the comments below.

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