Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

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Looking for the right dog to help you outside and take advantage of a large, spacious backyard? Here are the top working dog breeds perfect for country living.

Some dogs are built for long days working with you in the field, running or hiking around your vast backyard. If you’re looking for the right working dog for country living, consider one of these five breeds that are proven perfect for living in the country.

Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

Dogs offer more than just companionship. The possible benefits of having a dog in your home are virtually endless. If you already have a dog in your home, I’m pretty sure you are well aware what joy your furry friend brings. As I was watching my two dogs frolic in my yard this morning, I thought, as I frequently do, how thankful I am to have them. I love the company of my dogs who are not just a part of my family, but also offer a great help in maintaining my homestead.

There are so many exquisite dog breeds today that it can be difficult for first-time owners to choose the right one. If you live in a rural area and are generous enough to share your life and home with a canine friend, there are specific breeds perfect for country living. Choose well and make sure your dog will not just become a plain working dog in your home but a part of your family.

Kudos to the guys of who came up with this impressive infographic that will let you know what the best working dog breeds for country living. Check it out below.

Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

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Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living

Some dogs thrive in wide-open spaces, where there’s room to run and work to be done. See which dogs are best for country living.


Corgi | Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

image via 3 Million Dogs

Known for its loyalty and affection, this breed may be small, but it’s a natural-born herder and can easily nip its way around horses, cattle or goats.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

With a natural guardian instinct, this breed is nocturnal and aggressive with any flock predators, yet gentle with young animals and children.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dog Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

image via Vet Street

This is a working dog to its core. They are intelligent problem solvers and require daily exercise along with human companionship.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog | Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

image via Woofi Pedia

Ideal for herding sheep or driving cattle over long distances and across rough terrain, this breed is energetic and intelligent, with an independent streak.

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier | Top Working Dog Breeds For Country Living [Infographic]

image via Wikipedia

This small breed loves open spaces, along with running and digging. They make great hunting companions, as well as catching vermin around the house or barn.

Dogs are truly the man’s best-friend! They are a worthy companion in every home but remember just like humans they also need that tender loving care, so choose the best breed that will suit your lifestyles.

Did you find this helpful and interesting? Which working dog is best for your country living? Let me know in the comments below.

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