Top 5 Winter Activities To Boost Your Homesteading Skills

Looking for some winter activities to keep your homesteading productive? Winter is here and with it comes another familiar shift to our everyday activity. It’s a seasonal change and it doesn’t happen in just one night like changing the calendar page. Still, a few things do change.

Here in my homestead, winter means my season of rejuvenation, skill building, and rest. These days, weeks, and months of the winter season are perfect in concentrating on building blissful homesteading skills. Whether you are a neophyte or an experienced homesteader, you’ll be glad you found my post because it has some inspiration to boost your homesteading skills.

Winter Activities To Keep Your Homesteading In Track

I’ve had a lot of thoughts on what activities should I be doing in my homestead during the winter months. How I can refine my homesteading skills, not that I’m a beginner, of course. I want to stay on track and I hate the feeling of being unproductive. So today, I want to concentrate on some winter activities to either be started with or improve in the coming months.

1. Cooking From Scratch

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I definitely prefer eating healthy food with natural ingredients. Cooking from scratch and extending cooking abilities help us understand how great to prepare homegrown and scrounged dishes in a way our family will savor and appreciate. It allows us to eat in a particular regimen if our health needs it, without the need of some costly commercial nourishment. Cooking from scratch allows us to save money too. It means it is not only inexpensive but it also provides a tasty and fulfilling food.

A healthy diet provides the energy and stamina needed to support the busy, demanding, and long days of homesteading. Preparing it from scratch ensures it is indeed frugal and healthy. Take note though that from scratch can be as simple or difficult as your desire and time allows.

Here’re a few cooking from scratch recipes:

Cooking Lessons and Homemade Recipes are also great cooking and recipe resources. That’s where I get some of my favorite recipes. They’re worth checking out.

2. Herbal Remedies

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At this point, you folks probably realize that I am very enthusiastic about herbal remedies. What’s the best time to take a shot at those than in the fall and winter?! Set a time for the opportunity to find out about various herbs and their healing agents. Or, consider issues that emerge in your home and research them that way. Does your child get a cough each winter? Ginger and elderberry can help you with that. There are many approaches in using herbs as a normal cure. You can make them into balms or homegrown tea, and few people even utilize homegrown solutions for their pets rather than taking them to the vet!

I suggest if you haven’t started venturing to make essential oils, you can start it now by learning the basic here. It can be a bit time-consuming at first since you should learn about the oils and ensure you are using them appropriately—everyone is distinctive—however it can be incredibly fulfilling.

3. Pre-Gardening

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Unfortunately, winter doesn’t support lots of gardening activities. However, this is the perfect time to plan and stay ahead! Most of you probably already have some kind of garden operation going, so I recommend trying to improve it. Reflect on the last year, and choose what worked well for your homestead and what didn’t. Were the pests awful? You can plan ahead on ways to get rid of them and make your homestead pests free.

Were there plants overcrowding the other? You can re-arrange them if necessary, or add some fence to section off some plants. I would definitely think ahead about when some of my favorites can live outdoors, and decide when to plant the seedlings indoors so my garden can get started as soon as possible! I also suggest reading up on some gardening expert tips to improve your garden for new ideas. has plenty to offer. I highly recommend you check them out.

4. Livestock And Beekeeping

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If you have space and desire, raising animals can be a very worthwhile pursuit. I have few chickens and goats to keep my company. If you’re not raising livestock in your homestead, you can support local farmers and feel at ease and comfortable with such choice. However, there’s a lot of joy of having your own fresh eggs, milk, and meat raised by one’s own hands. If you decide to take in new animal, winter is the best time to read up about those animals and their needed care.

If beekeeping is part of your plan, then winter season is the time to build hives and learn on how to care for them once they arrive on the homestead. If possible look for a local beekeeping group and be part of them now and learn from experienced folks in your area. We did this and while I’ve read books about them, I still find my local group as the best source of information and education.

5. Prepping In Your Homestead

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There are lots of veggies and fruits still in season amid fall, from cranberries to jalapenos so there still a lot of canning to do. You may even have some reserve in your freezer you use for canning and preserving.

Obviously, when you complete your top preservation technique for winter, you’re going to have a hush. This is the point at which I suggest using your DIY aptitudes for everything else!

If canning is one of your preservation methods, make sure you know how to properly use your canning supplies. Knowing how to use your canning supplies properly to ensure the quality of food and a long shelf life.

You can also make homemade baby products, candles, homemade laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and anything else you need to stock up for whatever remains of the year! But, try not to stress yourself. It’s still best to make a list and follow a plan to make sure you’ve got what you need and you miss nothing.

Want to see how modern homesteading prepare for winter? Check out this video from TheBossOfTheSwamp:

These are just a few suggestions on how you can spend your long winter months productively. I have a tendency of getting a little bit depressed during winter, as do a lot of people, and it really helps me when I have things on my list to accomplish! Hope you’ve find some inspiration in this short list. Happy Homesteading!

What winter activity boosts your homesteading skills? I’d love to hear how you keep busy in the winter and prepare your homestead for the year ahead! Let me know in the comments below.

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