top 5 outdoor survival gadgets

The Top 5 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gadgets

Your About to Discover The Top 5 Outdoor Survival Gadgets You Need to Get Your Hands On

Surviving in any outdoor situation means that you have to have the gadgets that can help you. While there are many tools available that offer to help ensure survival, there are five top gadgets that no one should be without.

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These are all items that contribute to your safety and need for food, water and shelter.  These are gadgets that will make your experience in survival mode easier.

Solar powered charger

portable solar charger

A solar powered charger for your cell phone and radio will help ensure that you can call for help if you need to. There are gadgets available that are a 3 in 1. This means you can charge your cell phone, have a radio and a flashlight all contained one easy to carry gadget.

Portable solar cooker

portable solar cooker

Portable solar cookers are great gadgets to have. They set up anywhere and provide a method for you to cook on and boil water for clean supplies in an instant. You can use this at home too when the power’s gone out.

UV water purifier

portable uv water purifier

A good UV water purification tool – which looks like a wand and purifies your water in just under a minute – can help you achieve safe drinking water in a flash. No more pills to buy, just let these gadgets do their work.

flint and knife bracelet

flint and knife bracelet

A flint and knife bracelet is the perfect pairing for survival experts. It’s a little corded bracelet that fits around your wrist and gives you immediate access to a fire starter and a sharp knife right away.

Tent hammock

tent hammock

A tent hammock is another gadget that’s perfect for survivalists to own. Not only do you get protection from outside intruders like mosquitoes, but you’re lifted off the ground to protect you from water or land animals.

There are so many survival gadgets being created to help people get prepared. There are containers that create power from any form of liquid, clothes that repel bugs just based on the materials they’re made from, and solar backpacks that have a solar panel soaking up the sun while you trek around so that you can use the energy it absorbs later.

You always want to make sure that all of your basic needs are met and prepared for before you begin investing in cool gadgets. It’s much better to have a 6-month supply of MREs for the family than to own the latest bug out gear.

But once you have the necessities met, it’s perfectly fine to begin upgrading your efforts with items that contribute to your convenience. Having to be in survival mode is hard enough – so anything that makes the experience less traumatic will help you get through it.

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