Top 10 Vehicles for the Apocalypse

If you live in the city when a widespread disaster strikes, you may have no choice but to bug out to a safer location. The problem is, everyone else will be bugging out, too. All the roads out of town will become parking lots as everyone scrambles to leave at the same time.

In order to bug out, you need a reliable vehicle that can go off-road. That means your old-but-dependable Honda Civic just won’t cut it. If you try to go off-road in one of those, you’re liable to get stuck somewhere and end up worse off than if you had just stayed at home.

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Of course, an off-road capability isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing a vehicle for the apocalypse. There are many other factors to consider. For example: fuel type, practicality, cost, durability, and so forth.

You might even consider some options other than traditional automobiles, and that is the topic of this video by Canadian Prepper. A car or truck isn’t your only bug out option. There are other types of vehicles that might work better for you, depending on your situation.

Here are 10 vehicles for the apocalypse.

  1. Bikes
  2. Electric bikes
  3. Electric cars
  4. Horses
  5. Handcars
  6. Balloons
  7. Boats
  8. Gasification
  9. Vegetable Oil
  10. Hand carts

That’s the list, but there is a LOT more information on each type of vehicle in the video below, so be sure to watch it and let us know what you think.

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