Top 10 Chicken Nesting Boxes

Laying eggs comes naturally for chickens, so it’s no rocket science when dealing with this issue. But in order to provide the best products, even egg production can be a well-documented and managed activity. So, nesting boxes are something you should really consider if you wish to offer the deserved amount of comfort for your chooks and the best of quality for the final eggs. The ones suggested here are inexpensive nesting boxes, which you can make out of materials already lying around the house. Sure, you should take account the size of the chicken coop beforehand. But after that, choosing your preferred type of box for your chickens should be easy. Wine boxes, wooden barrels, litter boxes, milk crates and plenty more can be transformed into effective nesting boxes.

1.Wooden Barrel Nesting Box


2. DIY Chicken Nesting Boxes Using Kitty Litter Buckets


3. Buckets Make Great Nest Boxes For Your Hens


4. Chicken Nesting Boxes


5. Repurposing Milk Crates as Economical Nesting Boxes


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