Top 10 Bee Propolis Healing Benefits

Bees are perhaps the most useful creature on the planet. They now only pollinate 70 percent of the food we eat to make the crops thrive, they also produce three very important substances which will enhance your chances of survival during a SHTF situation.

Most everyone is familiar with the many healing benefits of honey and the multiple homesteading uses of beeswax. But, even many of us seasoned preppers have little to know knowledge about the potentially life-saving attributes of bee propolis.

Bee propolis is a resinous material that is used by bees to seal small gaps and cracks in their hives. The little pollinators instinctively do this to prevent fungi and microbes from infecting the hive. The propolis is made as the bees gather resin from trees and blend it tightly together with a little bit of honey. The mixture is often referred to as the “cousin to beeswax.”

Bee propolis, or bee resin, has been used to naturally treat common health issues and abscesses for centuries. The substance has been found to have a potent impact against many harmful pathogens when tested by researchers, according to the Global Healing Center. Test results have indicated propolis can help fight a series of dangerous microbes and even “aggressive” bacteria, such as staph.

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When you can’t call a doctor during a long-term disaster, even the slightest infection could quickly become deadly. There is no need to wait for a TEOTWAWKI scenario to incorporate bee propolis into your overall health routine – doing so could help prevent the developing antibiotic resistance to over-prescribed modern medicine. Bee propolis is sold in both capsule and tincture form. Note: This article is for informative purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your physician before using home remedies.

Top 10 Bee Propolis Healing Benefits

      1. Propolis can be slathered onto burns to help soothe the pain and inflammation and to heal the wound.
    • Propolis has also been used to help treat middle ear infections of both children and adults. The caffeic acid phenethyl ester components in propolis can be helpful in relieving inner ear inflammation.
    • Bee resin may have a positive impact on immune health as well. The candida albicans fungus is caused by an overgrowth of yeast. This usually impact the genital and oral areas of the body. Research has reportedly shown that bee propolis can inhibit the candida fungus from growing and stimulates the body’s overall immune system in the process.
    • Nail fungus can also be thwarted by propolis. Rubbing the tincture or gel from inside a capsule onto the infected area can help heal and stop the spread of nail fungus.
    • Some research has indicated bee resin can help fight vaginal herpes. It may significantly reduce the possibility of an advanced herpes infection from occurring.
    • Propolis is now replacing fluoride in some toothpastes. Rubbing the bee resin sparingly onto the gums can help promote good oral health and stronger teeth.

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  1. During a long term disaster, diabetics will likely be forced to use natural substitutes for their prescribed insulin. Propolis is thought to inhibit enzymes that increase blood sugar. Its antioxidant properties can also have “blood sugar-stabilizing” benefits, according to some recent study results.
  2. Ancient Assyrians were known to use bee propolis to decrease and inhibit the growth of tumors. Modern day cancer patients sometimes use the resin as a natural part of their overall treatment when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The CAPE compounds in the propolis have reportedly been known to inhibit cancer cell growth particularly in prostate, cervical, nose, and throat, breast, bladder, and pancreas cancers.
  3. Cold sores and canker sores have also been known to heal more quickly when bee resin is applied to the infected area.
  4. Bee resin has also had a significant impact on eliminating both plane and common warts.

Bee propolis has over 300 active compounds and is also used as a daily probiotic by folks who prefer natural and herbal remedies to chemical-laden medications created in a laboratory.

Did we leave anything off our list of benefits of bee propolis? Do you have beekeeping tips to share? Sound off in the comments!

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