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Let’s celebrate wildlife by doing some wildlife photography. You don’t have to be a professional when you follow these tips!

Tips for Wildlife Photography

The wild is an amazing and beautiful thing. Just going on a walk or trekking makes me want to capture the moment and the amazing life surrounding me. That’s why whenever my family and I go out camping or trekking, I’m sure to bring a camera with me all the time. I’m no pro and I guarantee you, I don’t produce National Geographic-worthy photos but a girl can dream, right? So if you want to get stunning wildlife photography, here are a couple of tips I’d like to share.

1. Research

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Research

Before setting out and snapping. You must know what your subject is. It’s always best for you to be prepared for the location and the kind of wildlife you will be shooting (with a camera of course!)

2. Have a Plan

After you’ve done your research, have a plan. Since you’ve already done the research devise a plan of action. It can be like where you’ll be waiting to get the shot or if it’s small and slow animals you’ll be photographing, know the mode and adjustments for the camera you’ll need.

3. Have Patience

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Camouflaged Photographer

image source

Since you’ll be taking pictures in the wild, it won’t always go like you want it. Be prepared with the fact that you may have to wait hours for the right subject.

4. Be Creative with Your Vantage Point

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Vantage Point

image source

Don’t get stuck with the idea that you’ll just be standing or sitting while taking pictures. Getting the right angle can be tricky, you may have to lie down or even lie on your belly to get the shot that you want.

5. Consider Safety

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Wildlife Photographers Running

image source

So you now feel like a Nat Geo photographer. You’ve taken a couple of shots and now in the moment. Don’t forget that these animals are wild. Still consider a safe distance when you’re around them. Always remember, better safe than sorry.

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6. Don’t Be a Middle Man

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds. image source

You may be used to centering the subject in the middle of the photo but have you ever heard of the “rule of thirds“? In this rule, any subject will generally look better a third of the way into the frame, and our eyes are naturally most drawn to the four points in a picture where the imaginary vertical and horizontal third lines cross. So give it a try on your next photo.

7. Simplicity is Key

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Penguins

image source

Have you noticed what kind of background stunning wildlife photos have? They’re almost always simple. Make the negative space work for you and the simplicity of your background will almost always create a more dramatic effect. Get more tips here.

8. Take Lots of Photos

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Lots of Photos

You may not know it but photographers take hundreds of photos of their subject. They may be professionals but they still know that a frame may not capture what they want so taking snap shots more than once will help. It can also be a numbers game.

9. Be Respectful

Remember, you are just a guest in their home. Know when to call things off. You may not know it but you may already be disturbing them in their natural habitat.

10. Practice

Like everything we do, you can’t expect to have amazing photos on your first try. Well there may be beginners luck but practice still makes it perfect. It’s better that you know what you’re doing when you’re out and about.

11. Have Fun

Tips for Wildlife Photography: Kangaroo

image source

This may be the most important tip to remember. There’s no use doing something you don’t enjoy right? Just have fun taking their photos and I’m sure, it will translate on the film.

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Do you think you’ll be able to take better wildlife photos with these tips? Let us know below in the comments!


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