Throat Strike Tutorial – Lesson 1: Simple But Effective Self Defense

A simple maneuver can help you survive, so check out this throat strike video tutorial to learn more!

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  1. Learning Self-Defense Tactics and Maneuvers
  2. Practicing the Throat Strike with a BOB

Throat Strike Tutorial for Self-Defense


You will never use what I teach unless your life or the lives of your family are on the line. Do not fight for ego or pride. My B.E.T. System should only be used in a life or death situation.

Learning Self-Defense Tactics and Maneuvers

In my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System I teach people to strike specific vital targets on an attacker's body. This is in order to cause a somatic reflex to open up a secondary target in order to eliminate the threat within seconds.

The strike I'm demonstrating in this video is a Trachea or throat strike using the ulna bone of my forearm.

I do not teach overly complicated techniques, that you will not remember in a life or death situation.

In this video, I am simply turning my body into the attacker and striking their trachea with the ulna bone of my forearm. I am also showing you how to simply move through the attacker with your ulna bone in a fixed position.

In addition to the strike, I will move my body weight through the attacker in order to cause additional injury so I can eliminate the threat as fast as possible. I can also either move on to another threat (second attacker) or clear the scene.

I choose the trachea as a target because it is the main pathway of air to the lungs.

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If I shut down my attacker's ability to breathe, they will quickly become non-functional and will no longer be a threat to myself or my family (if they are with me at the time of the attack).

Crushing the trachea will cause the attacker to asphyxiate and for their hands to go to their throat and will also cause the attacker to panic. Striking the trachea will open a secondary target where I would compound the injury process by attacking another target.

Practicing the Throat Strike with a BOB

In this video, I am also showing you how to practice this strike using a body opponent bag (BOB) and also a heavy bag. Most local gyms will have this type of equipment for you to practice, otherwise, you can purchase through an online or local store.

I like using a BOB because it is more lifelike. You could also practice with a friend, but you need to be very very careful and move very very slow in order to avoid injuring your practice partner.

Watch the video tutorial from Coach David Alexander here:

Is the throat punch effective? I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone to punch you in the throat, but in self-defense, you'd rather give a throat strike damage to an attacker, instead.

Different self-defense techniques work differently for different kinds of attackers, so the more techniques you know, the better. Only exercise with caution and think before you make the call or move.

Would you consider training for the throat strike self-defense technique? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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