There’s an Inn Where It’s Christmas Year-Round and It’s Magical

Loving Christmas that much you would celebrate it all-year round? Now you can do that in New Hampshire! The Christmas Farm Inn & Spa will offer you not only a charming bed and breakfast, but also a festive ambiance, regardless of the season you are visiting. Located in the White Mountains in Jackson, the 15-acre resort boasts an interesting history. Possibly being built in 1778,the name is said to come from a story that the modern-time owner purchased the property as a Christmas gift for his daughter. You can find decorations hinting at this holiday placed strategically throughout the property. Even the colonial-inspired architecture guest-bedrooms wear names that evoke Christmas: like Rudolph, Yuletide, Elves, Everything Nice. A visit to the Mistletoe Pub will surely convince you of this. Take a virtual tour of the place which always operates with the spirit of Christmas in mind.

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