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The One Plant Every Survivalist Should Grow

The One Plant Every Survivalist Should Grow
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The One Plant Every Survivalist Should Grow
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If you could only grow one food as part of your emergency preps, which one would it be? If you ask me, it should most assuredly be garlic. This tiny little powerhouse of a crop not only improves the flavor of long-term storage meals, it also boasts potent medicinal and household uses.

Allicin is the compound contained in garlic that is primarily responsible or its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral prowess. The allicin in garlic is exceptionally helpful in treating oral problems and yeast infections.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor before using any of the herbs and/or remedies mentioned in this article.

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Garlic, which is often regarded as a superfood, has been used as an herbal medicine ingredient for tens of thousands of years. Not only is garlic easy to grow, it can literally be grown indoors in any climate, even if you live in a tiny urban apartment.

Garlic Medicinal Uses

Gum Disease

There are at least 500 different types of bacteria that could be floating around inside your mouth at any given moment. Now, not all of the potential oral bacteria invaders pose a health threat – some actually aid the body. But, keeping both the good and the bad bacteria in check can help prevent painful gum disease and the tooth decay it can provoke.

The allicin in garlic can prevent the growth of bad bacteria and can help thwart tooth decay in the process. Using this natural gum disease fighter now, before an SHTF event, just might improve the health of your gums. Commercially manufactured products that claim to kill “99% of bacteria” inside your mouth would then, if the claim is accurate, be eliminating the good bacteria along with the bad.

You do not need to go the extreme route and scour the internet for garlic-flavored toothpaste to reap the benefits from allicin. You can purchase garlic in capsule form and consume it daily to weekly or add the veggie (yes, garlic really is classified as a vegetable and not an herb) to your meals on a regular basis.


Chewing on a garlic clove may also help eliminate the pain associated with a toothache. To treat a toothache with garlic, peel away the paper-like outer covering from the clove and then place the clove over the sore tooth. Crush the clove slowly and repeatedly over the tooth to release the garlic juice, pressing as firmly as you can each time.

After a few minutes, remove the remains of the clove and rinse with warm water. The garlic juice should offer relief from the pain in about 10 minutes or so. Repeat this process several times a day to relieve pain and attempt to eliminate the infection caused by an abscessed tooth.

Making a poultice using a ½ teaspoon each of garlic powder, black pepper, salt, and clove oil and applying it to the infected tooth several times a day may also prove successful at eliminating both pain and infection.


Making a natural mouthwash to both prevent and treat oral health issues is both incredibly quick and easy.

  1. Mix together ½ cup of warm water (distilled recommended) with 1 teaspoon of garlic juice.
  2. Add in 1 teaspoon of salt and stir thoroughly.
  3. Optional, add in ½ teaspoon each of cinnamon and/or apple cider vinegar.
  4. Once the mixture cools, use as a typical mouthwash.

Common Cold

Garlic is also used to reduce the time we are forced to suffer from common cold symptoms. Study results vary, but the consumption of garlic could reduce the time you have a common cold by up to 70 percent.

When my husband was struggling with a cold and possible bronchial issues for weeks and just couldn’t kick it, I started him on garlic capsules and added a few pinches more of powdered garlic to our meals and he started feeling better in less than one week. Garlic, more specifically the allicin it is comprised of, is often regarded as having immune system boosting properties.


The anti-inflammatory antioxidants in garlic can help eliminate and soothe skin rashes – even psoriasis issues – when rubbed onto the problem areas regularly in oil form.

Yeast Infections

The antimicrobial properties contained in garlic could help thwart yeast infections. A research report by the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery determined that using a thyme and garlic based vaginal cream was just as successful as using the common commercially manufactured yeast infection cream that contains clotrimazole.

Cold Sores

To help heal a cold sore, cut a single garlic clove in half and rub the pain area. Garlic should decrease both the discomfort and inflammation commonly associated with cold sores.


Cut a thin slice of garlic and put it over the area of the skin where the splinter is located. Wrap a piece of tape or a bandage over the splinter to hold the garlic in place. In about 30 to 60 minutes, the swelling and pain around the splinter should subside, exposing the splinter more readily so it can be pulled out of the skin completely with tweezers.


Cut several cloves of garlic and rub them onto acne breakouts to harness the antioxidant properties of garlic to kill the bacteria that caused the pimples. Ingesting more garlic may help prevent the formation of acne.

Athlete’s Foot

Soak your feet in warm water with about one tablespoon of crushed garlic for half an hour to treat athlete’s foot and similar fungal problems.

General Health Benefits

Eating garlic on a regular basis may help you lose weight and ward off cardiac issues.


Applying garlic oil or juice to the scalp may promote healthy hair and spark growth. The increased blood flow and bolstered circulation prompted by the garlic could strengthen the hair. Some folks opt to rub unwrapped cloves onto the scalp directly or consume garlic capsules to garner the same hair health and growth results.

Garlic Household Uses

Pest Control

Finely chop an entire head of garlic – using a blender or food processor is highly recommended. Place the garlic in a quart Mason jar with hot water and allow it to steep overnight. Then, strain the mixture using cheesecloth and use the remaining liquid to spray areas where pests have been spotted to keep them at bay.

Crack Filler

Garlic not only has a plethora of healthy properties, it can also be used as a natural adhesive as well. To fix hairline cracks in both ceramic and glass objects, use garlic juice from a few to a handful of crushed cloves to fill in the crack and deter it from spreading.

How To Grow Garlic

Garlic should be planted in the early to middle of fall, depending upon your climate. I live in the Midwest and put my garlic into pots in late September for a June or July harvest. Garlic can be planted up to six or eight weeks before your first hard frost when growing outdoors in the fall.

  • Garlic should be planted in rich soil that is well drained.
  • Place your container pots in an area that gets full sun. Garlic needs six full hours of sun each day to grow.
  • Garlic cloves must be planted root side down – the thin pointy side of the garlic clove is the root. Plant at least four up to six inches apart if using large pots or sowing directly into the ground. If planting in the ground, make sure the garlic is planted in rows that are a minimum of one and a half to two inches apart.
  • Cover the garlic cloves with at least one but preferably two inches of rich fine soil.

Growing Hints and Tips

Garlic may also be planted in the spring for a fall harvest. If you live in a cold climate, add up to six inches of mulch if the garlic will be grown in the soil or outdoors in container pots over the winter.

Top 3 Ways To Preserve Garlic

    1. Freezing garlic is the simplest way to preserve it. Peel the cloves and put them in bags and simply place them in the freezer. You can open the bag and grate or chop the amount of garlic you want on an as-needed basis. Garlic that has been roasted or pureed in oil can be frozen in the same manner.
    2. Garlic can be dried by cutting the cloves in half in a lengthwise manner and dehydrating them in a machine, in the sun, or in the oven. If using a common household dehydrator machine, use the vegetable setting (about 135 degrees F) and keep them in the machine until they are completely crisp. If using an oven, bake at 140 degrees F for about 2 hours and then at 130 for another hour – or until crisp and dry.
    3. To make a garlic salt, use a food processor or a blend to finely chop a mixture created at a ratio of one part garlic to four parts sea salt. This mixture can be stored at room temperature in an airtight Mason jar for years.

You might not be able to survive on garlic alone, but this popular recipe ingredient can help you heal yourself, get rid of mice, and even fix a crack in your last remaining bowl, during a long-term disaster.

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4 No Cook Meals For Surviving The Pandemic And Food Supply Shortages

prosciutto avocado sandwich

When it comes to your food supply, you just can’t risk not having enough. These no cook meals will be a great addition to your food supply planning. Check out the recipes below!

No Cook Meals to Help You Through the Pandemic

As of the writing of this article, there are 20 meat processing plants that have been shut down due to COVID-19 infections. We have been worrying about these types of effects on our food supply for months now, and this is the first real sign of how infections can affect the food supply.

When you walk into a supermarket, you might not see all the choices you had in the past. An empty meat case is a humbling thing for your eyes to fall upon. It’s the shocking realization that the seemingly infinite supply of chickens, pigs, and cows that are butchered for us has begun to run dry!

To deal with this issue, we are going to present four no cook meals that will help you create dinners at home that will feed your family without worrying so much about what’s available, or unavailable, in the meat case.

1. Smashed White Bean, Avocado and Salted Pork Sandwiches

Smashed White Bean, Avocado and Salted Pork Sandwiches | No Cook Meals for Surviving the Pandemic and Food Supply Shortages

As preppers we get beans. There are a bunch of ways to use beans and this a great example of how you can pack a sandwich with great nutrition and protein.

Serving: Makes 4 sandwiches


  • Can of White Beans
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Avocado
  • 8 Slices of Whole Grain Bread
  • 8 Slices of Salted Pork (Prosciutto, Ham, Virginia Ham)


  • Begin by draining your beans in a colander then smashing them up in a bowl add a few glugs of olive oil, salt, pepper. This little mix is delicious. If you add some minced rosemary, you can even turn this into a delicious dip.
  • Pit your avocado and cut it in half and then quarters lengthwise. Leave the skin on.
  • Lay the bread out on a clean work surface for assembling the sandwiches.
  • Spread your mashed bean mix onto one side of the bread.
  • Peel your avocados and slice 1 quarter for each sandwich. Spread slices over the bean spread.
  • Add a few slices of your pork to over the top of the avocado.
  • You can finish this sandwich with some lettuces, fresh sprouts, or just eat it as is.

2. Delicious Crab Salad

Canned crab is a protein option that will likely be around through much of this meat crisis. It does have to be kept in refrigeration, but it’s delicious and this chipotle mayo salad is great in the spring and summer.


  • 1 Can of Crab Meat
  • 1 Bunch of Asparagus
  • Chipotle Mayo
  • 1 Bunch of Green Onions
  • 1 Bunch of Cilantro


  • Drain your crab in a colander and set it in the sink.
  • Slice your asparagus into 1-inch pieces. Throw them into a bowl.
  • Thinly slice your onions and your cilantro and throw that into the bowl, as well.
  • Gently toss in the crab meat.
  • Squirt on enough Chipotle mayo to coat everything and toss gently not to break up the crab meat.
  • Chill in the fridge and serve.

3. Simple Greek Salad

Simple Greek Salad | No Cook Meals for Surviving the Pandemic and Food Supply Shortages

The combination of simple summer ingredients makes for an incredible quick salad that you could add other proteins, too, if you wanted. These could be canned meats.


  • 2 Large Tomatoes
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Red Onion
  • ¼ Cup of Feta Cheese
  • A Few Sprigs of Fresh Mint
  • ½ Cup of Kalamata Olives
  • Balsamic Dressing


  • I like to cut the tomatoes in large chunks and have them kind of be the main course in this salad. Peel and slice your cucumber in half. Remove the seeds and either dice or slice in half-moons.
  • Peel and slice your red onion in half. Julienne your, or thinly slice, your half onion.
  • Add all these ingredients to a bowl. Finely slice your mint.
  • Add your olives, crumbled feta, and mint to the bowl and add enough dressing to coat everything.
  • Stir it up and allow this to chill for at least an hour for the flavors to really blend.

4. Mediterranean Tuna Lettuce Wraps

Mediterranean Tuna Lettuce Wraps | No Cook Meals for Surviving the Pandemic and Food Supply Shortages

Using some similar ingredients and adding a protein like tuna, you can create some delicious lettuce wraps. The key to a good lettuce wrap is to have most of the items around the same size. So, consider that when you are preparing this dish.


  • Iceberg or Butter Lettuce
  • Canned Artichokes
  • Canned roasted Red peppers
  • Fresh Cucumber
  • Feta Cheese
  • Minced Olives ¼ Cup
  • 2 Cans of Tuna
  • Green Onions
  • Basil


  • Start by peeling all the full leaves from your lettuce. Set them on a plate either cover them with a wet paper towel or put them back into the fridge.
  • Dice the peppers, artichokes, and cucumbers into cubes. Go no larger than ½ an inch.
  • Thinly slice your green onions and basil and add them to a bowl with your diced vegetables. Add your loves to this bowl and mix them thoroughly.
  • Crumble your feta cheese over the mixture.
  • Drain your tuna thoroughly and then add that to the bowl, as well.
  • Gently toss this mixture. Try not to break up the tuna and the cheese too much but incorporate it thoroughly.
  • If you want, you can add some olive oil to the mix or a few glugs of balsamic vinegar. It’s also delicious just how it is.
  • Scoop a few tablespoons into a lettuce leaf, wrap it up and eat up!

These no cook meals should help lessen the stress you feel when thinking of what to feed your family. If you don’t have the specific ingredients, use your creativity, and use what you have. You might discover a new recipe while you’re at it!

What’s your favorite no cook meal recipe? Please share it with us in the comments section!

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Billionaire Whistle Blower: Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Is Over 50,000

  1. Exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui recently revealed leaks from Wuhan crematoriums. He claims based on the number of bodies their furnaces are burning, the death toll could be as high as 50,000.

A Chinese billionaire and whistleblower who lives in U.S. exile says Wuhan crematoriums have burned 50,000 coronavirus victims. | Credit: Chinatopix via AP

  • The official coronavirus death toll in China is a little over 800. But an exiled Chinese businessman says crematoriums are leaking the real figure.
  • A billionaire whistleblower alleges Wuhan has crematoriums working 24/7. He claims they’ve cremated some 50,000 coronavirus victims.
  • Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire living in exile in the United States.

The official coronavirus death toll is some 800 people in China. The current official death toll worldwide, outside of China, is 774. But a Chinese billionaire with a history of blowing the whistle on his former government says the real figure is much higher.

Exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui recently revealed leaks from Wuhan crematoriums. He claims based on the number of bodies their furnaces are burning, the death toll could be as high as 50,000. Wengui made the bombshell allegations in an interview with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.


Whistleblower: 1.5 Million Coronavirus Cases In China, 50,000 Coronavirus Deaths In Wuhan


He also claims to have inside information that there are 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases in China. Wengui is emphatic that these are not merely quarantined or “under observation” but confirmed cases of coronavirus infection:


China has struggled to contain the coronavirus. But it has also struggled to contain public outcry against censorship and tight control of information. Dr. Li Wenliang, who sounded the alarm about the disease, succumbed to an infection and died this week. The Chinese government arrested him for blowing the whistle.

Then officials tried to suppress news of his death. Afterwards, millions of Chinese citizens saw the hashtag #IWantFreedomOfSpeech on Mandarin language social media. But the Chinese government censored that too.

Are Wengui’s Crematorium Claims Credible?

Watch VICE’s 2017 profile on Guo Wengui. At the time, he published bombshell documents alleging corruption in the Chinese government. He got the attention of the media and reportedly the U.S. State Department.


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5 Types Of Ammunition To Stockpile For A Collapse


Every prepper knows it’s a great idea to stockpile ammunition when preparing for a major disaster.

You can use it for hunting, self-defense, or barter.

But which types of ammo should you stockpile?

If you plan on bartering, then you don’t want a bunch of calibers that nobody wants. And that’s just one consideration.

In this video, Reality Survival & Prepping talks about what he thinks are the 5 best types of ammunition to stockpile for a collapse.

Here are his picks:

  1. .22 LR – Very common, good for hunting small game, very light and small.
  2. 9mm Luger – Great for self-defense, fits in a wide variety of handguns.
  3. 5.56×45mm or .223 Remington – Also very common, cheap and effective.
  4. .308 Winchester – Widely used, works in AR10 and bolt-action platforms.
  5. 12 Gauge – You can do a lot with it — hunt, defend yourself, etc.

In the video below he makes a much more detailed case for each caliber. What do you think of this list?

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