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The Easy Low-Cost Rabbit Feed You Can Grow At Home

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When my family decided to raise meat rabbits, we checked out several books about rabbit raising. They all urged readers to feed scientifically formulated rabbit pellets rather than trying to grow and mix their own feed.

This didn’t make sense to us, for several reasons.

We were interested in having more control over our feeding program as well as our breeding program. We wanted to know what our rabbits were actually eating, and we wanted to grow as much of it as possible.

We were trying to move away from GMOs. Alfalfa is one of the major ingredients in rabbit pellets, and most commercially produced alfalfa in the U.S. is genetically modified.

We wanted to provide our rabbits with fresh food. Pellets contain foodstuffs that have been ground mixed, cooked and then left to sit at the mill or the feed store for an unknown period of time.

We saw some warnings about pelleted feeds on some of the online forums, where small farmers shared their experiences. Some reported trouble with weaning enteritis as kits switched from mother’s milk to pellets. Others reported getting bad batches of feed that killed adult rabbits as well as kits.

A Look at History

Historically, of course, rabbits were not raised on pellets. Some grain feeding was traditional, but even that was optional. In Britain during World War II when grain was scarce, a study showed that rabbits could be raised to market weight on a diet of only sow thistles and cooked potatoes. That gave us hope that a diet based on homegrown and gathered greens and roots was possible.

Then we found the forums at The founder of that forum had taken time to work out a natural diet for her meat rabbits, and many other forum participants had devised different natural diets that suited their areas and home conditions. With their help, we learned to feed our own rabbits with locally available ingredients.

We bought pellet-raised rabbits — two New Zealand White does and one Silver Fox buck — and switched them to natural feed over about eight weeks. Our buck and one of our does thrived on the new diet. Our other doe began to have smaller litters—we’re not sure whether that was a feeding problem or an age problem. We raised those kits on our diet.

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Our rabbit diet is cheap, under our control, and (we think) healthy. It also may yield a slower growth rate than straight pellet feeding. Some pellet feeders report having kits up to 4.5-5 pounds in eight weeks. It takes us 12-15 weeks. We’re satisfied with that. We’ve never had weaning enteritis, and over the last two years, as we’ve kept selecting and breeding rabbits who thrive on our diet, our kit growth rates have steadily improved.

All-Natural Ingredients

Rabbit food needs to provide protein, energy, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The Easy Low-Cost Rabbit Feed You Can Grow At Home

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Protein is especially important for growing kits and nursing mothers. In most pelleted rabbit feeds, and in some natural diets, protein comes mainly from alfalfa. Other legumes such as clovers, birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus), vetch (Vicia spp — don’t feed the seed pods) and pea and bean vines (feed stems and leaves, not seeds) also have high protein content.

Many other wild-growing weeds are also high in protein. Willow, mulberry (Morus spp), dandelions, chicory (Cichorium intybus), lamb’s quarters (Chenopodium album), yellow dock and burdock (Rumex crispus and Arctium spp — both should be fed only when very young), and comfrey (Symphytum spp — best fed wilted — our rabbits don’t tend to eat it really fresh) are particularly high in protein. Most other rabbit-safe green plants have decent levels of protein when they are young and growing vigorously. In addition to the plants listed above, we feed weeds including grass, redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus), prickly lettuce (Lactuca serriola), chickweed (Stellaria media) and plantain (Plantago spp), and garden extras including parsley, borage, kale, chard and the tops of turnips, carrots, radishes and parsnips.

Fiber keeps the rabbits’ digestive systems functioning properly. Free-choice hay is our major fiber source, supplemented by twigs and brambles, including willow, mulberry, apple, sumac, blackberry and raspberry.

Vitamins and minerals can be offered in two ways. We still put pieces of purchased mineral salt blocks in our rabbit cages. We also feed a wide variety of green plants; the weeds listed above provide different vitamins and minerals.

Energy (calorie) requirements vary depending on the rabbit’s life stage and the weather. During the growing season, our adult rabbits get all they need from hay, twigs and green plants, except when they’re nursing their young. Nursing mothers and growing kits, and all rabbits in winter, get extra energy supplements in the form of whole grains (dry whole oats or whole wheat in summer, sprouted wheat in winter) and root vegetables (raw carrots, turnips, radishes and parsnips, and cooked potatoes; never feed raw potatoes). Nursing mothers also get small amounts of black-oil sunflower seeds.

Some feeds also have medicinal value. Plantain and blackberry can help settle upset digestions. Raspberry is good for does during late pregnancy and shortly after birth. Chives are not recommended as a frequent feed but they have de-worming and antibiotic properties.

Mixing, Measuring and Safety

If you feed your rabbits whole food, you can let them choose between different types of food and balance their own diets, up to a certain point. Hay always should be available. Fresh greens are generally safe to feed in quantity. Rabbits will pig out on high-calorie foods if you let them. However, it’s easy to tell whether your rabbits are overfed, underfed or just about right. When they’re sitting in a normal arch-backed position, feel their spines. If the backbone feels sharp, the rabbit is thin. If you have to prod hard to find the backbone, the rabbit is fat. (Or, depending on the breed and season, the rabbit has a heavy winter coat.) If you can feel the backbone but it doesn’t feel sharp, you probably have a well-nourished rabbit.

It’s best to introduce any new food in small quantities; rapid changes in feeding can lead to indigestion. Don’t gather moldy plants or store cut green plants in a way that lets them get moldy. We’ve read that rabbits are very sensitive to mold. We’ve avoided putting that to the test.

What do you feed your rabbits? What has worked well for you and what has caused problems? Share your suggestions in the section below:

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NYC Adds Nearly 4,000 People Who Never Tested Positive To Coronavirus Death Tolls

New York City added nearly 4,000 people who never tested positive for the coronavirus to its death toll Tuesday, bringing coronavirus-related deaths in the city to around 10,000 people.

The city decided to add 3,700 people to its death tolls, who they “presumed” to have died from the virus, according to a report from The New York Times. The additions increased the death toll in the U.S. by 17%, according to the Times report, and included people who were suffering from symptoms of the virus, such as intense coughing and a fever.

The report stated that Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio decided over the weekend to change the way the city is counting deaths.

“In the heat of battle, our primary focus has been on saving lives,” de Blasio press secretary Freddi Goldstein told the Times.“As soon as the issue was raised, the mayor immediately moved to release the data.”

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The Ultimate Energizer Review – Does It Really Work?


If you’re looking for a review of the ultimate energizer guide then you have come to the right spot because in this exclusive article we’re going to blow the lid off the ultimate energizer once and for all and reveal weather it is the real deal or not.

This brings us to the review of the ultimate energizer guide. This is a program that provides users with classified information on how to build a free energy generator. But can the program really make you achieve this?

does it work? will it be worth your investment, time and energy? all these questions and more are what this review on the ultimate energizer program seeks to help you find answers to.

The ultimate energizer review – is it worth it?

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About The Ultimate Energizer guide

The ultimate energizer is your ultimate guide to building your own alternative and portable energy source to power up any of your household appliances including refrigerators and aircon units. It is a very affordable way to having an emergency generator that can help you save more than 50% from your electricity bills without spending too much on other alternative energy source like solar panels or wind turbines which is costly and will also need a lot of space.

The ultimate energizer causes you to be calm about the electricity bill. This well ordered guide shows you how to manufacture this claim “home energy gadget” today impeccably. This will dispose of your energy charge ensured.

It is lost to the earth which means we need to really take care of it in order to reduce the cost of energy bills which introduces the ultimate energizer guide.

About The Ultimate Energizer Creator

The creator of the complete the ultimate energizer guide is steven perkins. He found the journal of the founder of this technology in his home when his father shifted near quebec city in canada.

In this post, we will review the ultimate energizer whose creator claimed to offer a way through which you can generate non-stop current. According to the author, you can drop down your electricity bills by 80%.

Of course the ultimate energizer owners provide resources. But the truth is that you are a master creator. All of them have that talent in us. The only difference is the extent to which it is hidden in each of us.

Features of The Ultimate Energizer

The features of the ultimate energizer guide are as follows:-. This program guide will help you to design a the ultimate energizer generator which will follow the rules of linear induction motor which is built around a track that is orbicular to maintain the smooth motion of rotors that are transportable.

You can find here, a extensive review which highlights all the important features and performance criteria of the ultimate energizer. Use of the the ultimate energizer is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed in a short time; you have complete control over it. 100% money back guarantee shows that the ultimate energizer really works. The ultimate energizer gives full customer support for 7/24/365, also, features, credibility and the ultimate energizer’s ease of use are favorably satisfied by the buyers.

Use it on any electrical appliances from small clocks to big plasma tv screens, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Power the cabins while hiking to the mountains or camping. Other essential features of this complete the ultimate energizer are that it is easy to assemble and does not require a technical background to master engineering.

Pros and Cons of The Ultimate Energizer

I’ve created this  honest ultimate energizer review to help you make a well-informed decision. I’ve tested it myself and now i’m going to share with you all the key aspects you may be interested in: how does it work? is it really so powerful and effective? what are its pros and cons?.

It is non-polluting. It remains popular the ultimate energizer guide pros & cons because it is both a renewable and clean source of energy. Harnessing solar energy is more than a fine idea it’s currently a reality in thousands of homes in a lot of nations around the world.

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On the review of the ultimate energizer guide, we will be looking into what exactly the program is all about, the details of the energy generator program, the benefits, pros & cons and our conclusion on the program.

Does The Ultimate Energizer really work?

The device is usable during emergencies. It works without fuels and therefore there are no expected fumes. It is weather proof. Cons of the ultimate energizer. You can only download the program from the official website.

But the ultimate energizer reviews that are available from real users online on platforms like google and youtube seem to confirm that the device does indeed work. So, as per my ultimate energizer review answer to the question is the ultimate energizer legit? is definitely yes.

The ultimate energizer guide. The ultimate energizer is said to work for your home and cut electricity by 82%, guaranteed by tomorrow. The ultimate energizer reviews. It can boost any type of electricity by as much as 5 times.

Advantages of The Ultimate Energizer Program

The program can benefit you in many ways. Below we are listing the advantages of using the ultimate energizer program for generating electricity:. This device will help you save up to 60%-70%, without investing money in solar panels which can cost you a lot of money.

There are additional the ultimate energizer guide program advantages too, including advantages at tax time, so do your homework on what you might have for being a solar power pioneer contributed back.

Why The Ultimate Energizer is Useful?

The ultimate energizer is a complete guide and blueprint. With it, you get everything you need to know to build your own free energy generator. This generator can be completed for less than $50 if you have some tools already. But i remember reading another review of the ultimate energizer, and the guy said he took days. Maybe he was crafty. Then, you assemble it and get it to work.

You will be guided step by step, that anybody who can read can build it. You do not need prior building experience or massive strength; it is that easy. Building the ultimate energizer takes under 4 hours if you are slow and definitely a lot less when you have help.

The ultimate energizer has already changed the lives of over 30,000 families who chose to power their homes using this eco-friendly device. This is definitely a good investment that is worth your time and money and if you think it isn’t after trying it out, you can request for a refund.

Is The Ultimate Energizer a Scam?

The ultimate energizer guide really show you how to power your house and save tremendously, or is this just another overhyped scam? this system was created after its owner decided he wanted to have a home power generating system in case of any crises or disasters.

The ultimate energizer pdf. It does not need any conventional electric power. The ultimate energizer scam. In this program, you can also build more generator and sell for profit. This product can also be incorporated into the automobile to power an electric motor.

All you need is an open mind and a desire to try new things to get a life in the field of freedom of energy. So, what are you waiting for? it’s time to say goodbye to major energy companies and start using the ultimate energizer guide today.

Watch this video demonstration of the ultimate energizer guide put into action


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