The Buried Treasure this Couple Found is UNBELEIVABLE!!! [NEWS]

Ever think while you’re renovating “how funny it would be if I came across a treasure map beneath the foundation of my house.” But no, that never actually happens!

It did for this couple!…

Arizona Couple Discovers Buried Treasure With 50k Cash, Rare Bourbon, and A Mysterious Treasure Map

This story was originally published on the Chive, 8/27/2015

Eddie and Angie of Pheonix, Arizona were renovating the kitchen island of the fixer-upper they’d been living in for just 2 years, when they discovered A SECRET SAFE!

Good thing Angie remembered finding a mysterious code on a piece of paper in her medicine cabinet 2 years prior upon moving in. She had kept it all these years, because “you never know.”

Several attempts later,

aaaand they’re in!


What a find!

The safe revealed $50,000 in cash.

An UNOPENED bottle of James E. Pepper Bourbon (This stuff is incredibly rare)

AND an old book filled with underlined clues and peculiar post cards.

Could they be clues!?click here to see all the clues

The couple hasn’t decided what to do with the money or the clues yet, “but we’re keeping the bourbon!”

Cheers to that!

Maybe there is a real buried treasure!
Or maybe this is all a marketing ploy by James E. Pepper. I know I’m itching for a bottle now, what about you?

Have you ever found anything in the vaults of your homestead?

Has lady luck ever shined her light your way?

Are you a fan of treasure seeking and interested in following up on the story?

I’m eager to here how this all plays out.

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