The Biggest Lie New Preppers Are Told

The Biggest Lie New Preppers Are Told
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The Biggest Lie New Preppers Are Told
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If you’ve been a prepper for a long time, you’re probably aware of the many prepper myths and lies that get spread around the Internet. For example, the idea that when a disaster strikes your city, you should bug out to the wilderness. In reality, that is an absolute last resort. Usually, you’ll be safer staying put.

But what do you think is the biggest lie that new preppers are told? That is the topic of this video by Survival Know How. He says the biggest lie is this: “You should be prepping for the end of the world.”

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And he makes a really good point. Although being prepared for the end of the world would be great, it’s not realistic to start from square one with that goal in mind. It’s too intimidating, too frustrating, and unrealistic for most people who can’t afford a remote bug out location or a huge bomb shelter.

Instead, he suggests a very different approach. He tells new preppers to work on the following six goals in this order:

  1. Blackout bag for 24 hour power outages.
  2. Supplies for one week without power.
  3. Supplies for one month without power.
  4. Supplies for three months without power.
  5. Long-term self-reliance for over three months.
  6. Bug out bag.

By doing it this way, you’ll find your prepper journey much more manageable and much more satisfying. Watch the video below to hear his rationale behind these six goals.

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