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The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Looking for some great holiday gifts or fun projects to do with the kids? Here is an awesome hot chocolate recipe that is easy to do and fun for everyone! This hot chocolate recipe is perfect for cozying up on the couch during those cold winter nights. In just a few easy steps, you can have the best winter chocolate! This is an amazing holiday project that you can do with your kids. Check out the tutorial below to make your own and a jar for everyone you want to keep warm and happy!

Cozy Up This Winter With This Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Holiday season is the best time to warm up to a sweet cup of hot cocoa. But, having the same old, plain chocolate drink every year start to taste ordinary. So, I came up with this homemade hot chocolate kit for everyone. This is one of my family’s favorite; this could be your family’s favorite holiday drink, too.

Use this gourmet kit to brew up artisan hot cocoa in a matter of minutes! Subtle notes of Mezcal, Chipotle, and hazelnut make for an incredibly decadent marriage of sweet and spicy flavors. Makes a great gift for friends, family, or that special someone. Or get it for yourself and treat yourself to the quintessential holiday treat.

Ingredients To Make Hot Chocolate:

Ingredients To Make Hot Chocolate | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

How To Make The Best Winter Hot Chocolate:

Step 1: Measure Out All Ingredients

Step 1: Measure Out All Ingredients | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

You are going to want measure out all of your ingredients and place them into separate bowls. That way you can have all of your ingredients in front of you while you fill your jar.

Step 2: Start Pouring

Step 2: Start Pouring | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Starting with your powdered ingredients first, start filling your container.

Step 2: Continue Pouring | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Continue pouring, layering the ingredients in your container.

Step 2: Add Cocoa | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Add the cocoa to the jar.

Step 2: Layer Of Chocolate Chips | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

After you have added all of your powdered ingredients, add a layer of chocolate chips.

Step 2: Layer Of Marshmallows | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Lastly, add the layer of marshmallows.

Step 2: Ready To Use | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

Your jar is ready to close, decorate and label.

One by one, take your ingredients and pour them into the jar. Make sure your powders go on the bottom so they don’t fall in between the cracks of the marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Step 3: Decorate and Label

Step 3: Decorate and Label | The Best Winter Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Close the lid on your glass jar. You can choose to decorate it any way you wish. Whether that’s just ribbon, tissue paper, or whatever you would like. Next, take your label and write out your ingredients and the directions of how to use. Once you have that done, tie it around your jar and you are done!

Recipe yields 6 cups of Hot Cocoa. To make add 1 cup hot water and 5 cups hot milk to the mixture. You can make it in a stovetop, microwave-safe bowl, or in a crockpot.

Still craving for more hot chocolate recipe? Check out this video from The Domestic Geek:

Now you can take your Hot Cocoa Mix jar and gift it to your friends and family. Or just make hot chocolate and enjoy it for yourself. You can also give your favorite hot choco a little twist by adding a hint of peppermint or cinnamon perhaps. But, in case you are not sure how to do it, check how to make hot chocolate with a twist here, and get a quick guide you can refer to anytime. Happy Holidays!

And if you need more warm and fancy drinks to serve this winter, I have here 17 warm and fancy crockpot drinks ready for you!

What do you think of this winter hot chocolate recipe? Will you give it a try? I’m excited to know! Let us know in the comments below.

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