The Benefits of Using A Wood Burning Stove On Your Homestead

One does not know just how much of an advantage it can be to have a wood burning stove in your home. I fell in love with wood-stoves the very first season I used one. For two years I lived completely off of the grid. I lived in a big round house tucked away in a canyon in Northern Arkansas. So, I truly learned how much having one really has to offer. Before I tell you my story, let’s get straight down to business.

There are different regulations and guidelines that have to be followed when installing a wood stove or a fireplace. If you are a renter there is a slight possibility the owner may allow you to have one installed while others may not. Before rushing out to get your new stove be sure to check the codes and regulations in your specific area.

The Benefits of A Wood Burning Stove

The Benefits of Using A Wood Burning Stove On Your Homestead man putting log in fire

Cut Down or Eliminate Heating Bills:

Do you live in an area where you can harvest and process your own wood? If so, then your heating bill cost is only going to consist of the fuel for the chainsaw (if you use one) and the bar chain oil. Even if you have to pay to have someone haul wood, you still end up paying much less than you would using propane or electricity to heat.

Guaranteed Heat:

As long as you have good seasoned/dry wood and a good secure stove when the winter storm hits, you’ll be covered. Even if the town loses power, you still have a way to heat your house. This also provides a guarantee in other aspects but that’s on down the list.


Whether you have a simple wood-burning stove for heat or a cook-stove, you will have a way to prepare meals if the power goes out and you normally cook using electric. It is also nice backup to have if you run out of propane.

The Benefits of Using A Wood Burning Stove On Your Homestead pot on top of stove

The Benefits of Using A Wood Burning Stove On Your Homestead pot on top of stove

Drying Wet Clothes & Gear:

I fashioned a shelf above my wood stove so that when I came in from the rain or snow I could toss my gloves and scarf on so they dry out nicely. It is also convenient to have a coat rack close by for the same reason. This rack also works well for drying out veggies and mushrooms as an added bonus.

Safer For The Environment:

There has always been a debate about whether wood for fuel and heating is better for the environment than coal or oil. The truth is, it is safer on several different levels. The first being that if you buy wood locally there is less oil being used in so many ways. Coal and oil both burn very dirty causing soot build-up in the home and dark smoke to be released into the atmosphere. Coal burns hotter which is one of the main reasons people use it. Unfortunately, this also has its negative side-effects, such as, higher risk of house fires.

Melting Snow & Boiling Water:

Let’s face it, life happens and when it does, it’s nice to have back-up. I think we are all somewhat familiar with the water lines freezing in the winter. As long as there is snow on the ground you have a way to get water and as long as you have water you have a way to make it hot. I have had a hot water tank break on me while I was in the shower. I suspected the element was going but was surprised regardless. Having a wood stove at that time would have made things so much easier for me.

The benefits of having a wood-burning stove are fantastic, there are so many reasons to consider looking into adding one to your home. Once you learn how to use one really well, it becomes the natural way to do things.

Imagine how many more things you could do with the money you save on heating expenses, not to mention what a lifesaver it can be when the weather is bad outside. As I end this article, I am headed to stoke the fire so until next time readers……

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