The 7 BEST Fixed Blade Knives On The Planet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…a survivalist is only as good as his tools. One tool that is ESSENTIAL to have—not only in your BOB (Bug Out Bag), but also as an everyday carry—is a good knife, specifically a fixed blade full tang constructed knife.

Choosing which fixed blade knife to carry is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For one thing, most survival knives (the good ones anyway) aren’t exactly cheap. If you’re investing in a piece of gear, you want to be sure it will get the job done when the time comes.

Your survival knife will be your lifeline when SHTF. From cutting wood and building shelter to skinning game and self-defense, your knife will save your life in more ways than you can count.

We’ve reviewed a lot of survival knives over the years, both fixed blade and folding. Now, don’t get me wrong, a folding knife has its place and it’s definitely convenient but, in a survival situation, you need a sharp, sturdy fixed blade that’ll take all the use and abuse you can throw at it.

But where do you start? Which knife is the best? How much should a good knife cost?

Before you EVER walk into a store or go to Amazon, YOU NEED read the list of seven of the BEST fixed blade knives that will never fail you in a survival situation consisting of the top fixed blade knives we’ve reviewed over the years here on Survival Life.

Do you have a knife to add? Did we leave out your favorite blade? Let us know in the comments!

1. Benchmade HK Feint – RRP $75.23



Blade Length9.5″Overall Length14.5″
Blade Width1 3/8″Weight (Knife Only)11.2 oz
Blade Steel440CGrip MaterialSantoprene
Blade ShapeDrop PointGuard TypeHalf, Molded into the grip
Blade GrindSaberFalse EdgeNo
Blade Thickness3/16″Spine “Jimping”No
ChoilYesLanyard HoleYes
Made inUSA


  • Chopping
  • Skinning
  • Self defense
  • Batoning

Benchmade knives can be pricey, but once you see the quality you’ll understand why. Whether you’re cutting cord, chopping wood or defending yourself against an attacker, this knife will get the job done. Check out our review.

2. Browning Ignite – RRP $33.27



Blade Length4″Overall Length8 1/2″
Blade Width1 1/8″Weight (Knife Only)5.2 oz
Blade Steel7CrGrip MaterialPolymer, with rubber insert
Blade ShapeDrop PointGuard TypeHalf, Molded into the tang
Blade GrindHollowFalse EdgeYes
Blade Thickness0.15″Spine “Jimping”Jimped Thumb Ramp
ChoilYesLanyard HoleYes
Made inChina


  • Trimming/sharpening/smoothing wood
  • Firemaking
  • Chopping food

Don’t let the price fool you; the Browning Ignite is a great knife for its price point and size. Whether you’re fishing, building a shelter or starting a fire, you can’t go wrong with this compact fixed blade knife. Check out the full review here.

3. The Hoffman-Richter Wolf – RRP $99.95

hoffman richter wolf

This knife is made of a 5.5mm thick piece of the best 440C stainless steel on the market, and the ultra tough titanium coating guarantees The Wolf will last a lifetime. This is the knife I personally carry, and it’s the most badass blade I’ve ever strapped to my hip. The specs speak for themselves:

  • Full tang construction, making this knife virtually unbreakable
  • Fixed edge so you never need to worry about moving parts breaking or wearing out
  • Straight edge drop point blade, so that every inch of the blade stays razor sharp and usable (no serrations to become dull and useless)
  • 9″ Overall Length, my preferred size for universal use
  • 4″ 5.5 MM Thick Blade (that’s just shy of 1/4″) it’s hard to find a full tang fixed blade with this thickness
  • Ultra Tough Titanium Coating to make this knife even stronger

Still don’t believe me? Check out this video:

Hoffman Richter Wolf Stress Test

Cool, eh? Want one? You can get it here.

4. Ontario RAT-5 – RRP $78.23



Blade Length5″Overall Length10 1/2″
Blade Width1 1/2″Weight (Knife Only)11.1 oz
Blade Steel1095Grip MaterialMicarta
Blade ShapeClip PointGuard TypeHalf, Molded into the tang and grip
Blade GrindFlatFalse EdgeNo
Blade Thickness0.19″Spine “Jimping”Yes
ChoilYes (Both)Lanyard HoleYes


  • Bushcraft
  • Firemaking
  • Trimming wood

The 1095 carbon steel on this knife makes it durable, sharp and long lasting while still being an affordable choice. This is a great knife for bushcraft, and you will have no problem using it to perform a variety of outdoor and survival tasks. Click here for our full review.

5. Buck/Hood Punk – RRP $157.95



Blade Length5 5/8″Overall Length11″
Blade Width1 3/16″Weight (Knife Only)7.5 oz
Blade Steel5160Grip MaterialMicarta
Blade ShapeClip PointGuard TypeHalf, Molded into the tang
Blade GrindFlatFalse EdgeNo
Blade Thickness0.18″Spine “Jimping”No
ChoilYesLanyard HoleYes


  • Bushcraft
  • Building shelter
  • Drilling
  • Chopping food

If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable bush knife, the Buck/Hood Punk is hard to beat. Don’t let the price tag deter you — this knife is worth every penny. Read our review here.

6. Kabar BK&T Machax – RRP $93.57



Blade Length9 3/8″Overall Length14 5/8″
Blade Width2″Weight (Knife Only)15.7 oz
Blade Steel1095 Cro-VanGrip MaterialZytel
Blade ShapeKukriGuard TypeHalf, Molded into the grip
Blade GrindSaberFalse EdgeYes
Blade Thickness0.188″Spine “Jimping”No
ChoilNoLanyard HoleYes
Made inUSA


  • Building shelter
  • Cutting cord
  • Trimming/sharpening/smoothing wood

This is a sturdy, manly knife that’s as functional as it is cool to look at. Whether batoning wood, starting a fire or building other weapons, you’ll never go wrong with this knife. Check out the full review.

7. Ontario RTAK-II – RRP $200



Blade Length10.5″Overall Length17″
Blade Width2″Weight (Knife Only)22.6 oz
Blade Steel5160Grip MaterialMicarta
Blade ShapeDrop PointGuard TypeHalf, Molded into the tang and grip
Blade GrindFlatFalse EdgeNo
Blade Thickness0.2″Spine “Jimping”No
ChoilSort ofLanyard HoleYes
Made inUSA


  • Firemaking
  • Shelter construction
  • Batoning

This is a solid, affordable choice for a field knife. It’s especially good for chopping wood and firemaking. You could also use it to build a survival shelter or animal trap, as this knife excels at trimming branches and cutting wood. Read the full review here.

As I said before, a survivalist is only as good as the tools he carries. And there’s one tool I have total faith in. CLICK HERE to see my personal favorite fixed blade knife — the one I carry with me everywhere.

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