Tarp Shelter | Create Shelters Using Tarp

A tarp shelter is one of the easiest temporary shelters you could build. It’s also multipurpose and incredibly lightweight. With a tarp, a bit of cordage, and a little know-how, you can build a survival shelter in no time.

Tarp Shelter: Survival Life Guide On Building Shelters

A tarp shelter is an easy outdoor shelter to build but, there are things you need to consider before you actually set up one. For surviving the wilderness, having a tarp and some ropes can actually save your life as it could provide you shade in the day, warmth at night, or a dry place to stay when it’s raining. It’s also handy since you could easily fold and carry it along with you.

Selecting A Location

Selecting A Location | Tarp Shelter | Create Shelters Using Tarp
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This is probably the most important part in building a tarp shelter, particularly in situations where you only have a tarp and some ropes. When selecting a location, you have to look for a place with some kind of pole, like trees, where you can tie your ropes onto. Look for a place where the distance between those poles is enough to accommodate the size of the tarp and ropes you have.

Clear The Vicinity

Clear the Vicinity | Tarp Shelter | Create Shelters Using Tarp
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After you’ve found a place to build your shelter, you’ve got to clear up area. Make sure to clear rocks and other debris to make it comfortable. You also need to check the general direction of the wind. set your tarp shelter so that the wind doesn’t blow through your tarp or blow it down (this is key to staying warm).

Tying The Knots

Tying The Knots | Tarp Shelter | Create Shelters Using Tarp
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After clearing the unnecessary things up, you can now start building your tarp shelter. First, tie the ropes to two different trees and form a hanging line. Consider the height of the rope and make sure it’s elevated enough to accommodate the size of the tarp you have. This will serve as your frame for your tarp. Make sure to tie those ropes tight enough to be able to withstand strong wind.

The Triangular Pattern

The Triangular Pattern | Tarp Shelter | Create Shelters Using Tarp
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Put the tarp over the hanging rope and divide it into two equal parts. Tie some ropes on every edge of the tarp. Pull and anchor the ropes on the ground to form the triangular tent shape.

Learn how to build a no-tree tarp shelter in this video:

Building a tarp shelter is pretty simple and easy. Knowing basic survival skills such as tying different sort of knots will also come in handy. You can improvise as well some materials like using long strong branches for your pole instead of using a tree or some vines when you run out of ropes.

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