survival tips


Total Survival Information You Need To
Survive When It Happens


Emergency 72 Hour Plan

Climate appropriate clothing, water bottle, energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, jerky, headlamp, hook & line, lighter, knife, hygiene kit, first aid kit, in a backpack.

Survial 1 Month Plan

Shelter, sleeping bag, 90 meals, water filter, cook stove, 400 Liters of Water (110 Gallons), rope, lanterns, local survival guides, maps, extra medical gear, fire extinguisher.

Sustainable 1+ Year Plan

Heirloom seeds, 200 kg of dry storage, 5000 Liters of water (1320 Gallons), 50 sq. meters of vegetable garden, extra transportation, fuel storage, items for trading.

-A FUNCTIONING BODY- We are not arguing that you are your body, and nothing more. We are also not going to discuss anything about your soul unless we are talking about your shoes. The bottom line is that your body is what is keeping you alive.

It is only under the right conditions, like correct temperature and blood sugar levels, that the body can survive. The brain needs oxygen from the lungs pumped through blood from the heart. When the heart stops, the breath stops and the brain stops, life is over.

The thing you need the most to live is your body. Everything else you need is for the soul purpose of sustaining the wellness and equilibrium of your body. Even your mind is a tool designed for protecting the body. Your body contains all of your vital organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and lungs. Without health and well being, air, water, food, and shelter will do you no good.

Above all, you must protect the body from harm to ensure the continuation of all bodily functions. Possible deadly injuries are burns, being crushed, falling, contusions, broken bones, deep wounds, severe bleeding and head trauma.

4  PRIMARY NEEDS TO SUPPORT THE BODY- These 4 needs are the primary needs for sustaining life.

-AIR- The human brain can only survive about 2 minutes without oxygen. If your air is being threatened by suffocation, toxic chemicals, pollution, or an other contamination, finding clean air to breath will take #1 priority for survival every time.

-SHELTER/SECURITY- As the diagram suggests, shelter and security are central to survival. Being exposed to heat, cold, and violence can harm the body or end your life quickly.

Shelter will provide a safe space for you to protect your body, food, and water, and protect you from all of the elements and from human dangers. Clothing is a form of shelter, and so are weapons. All are designed to keep you safe and secure.

-WATER- The human body can only survive for 2-4 days without water. This makes finding water very urgent.

FOOD- The human body can sustain about 1-2 weeks without food. Food is not as crucial as air and water, but without it you will become very hungry and weak and unable to sustain your life.

Quick Tips

Water is as essential to your survival and essential for all life on this planet.

Here are the tips you need

Always carry water with you on your person.

Have several reusable water bottles filled and ready to drink from.

Own a water filter or iodine tablets for eliminating pathogens when in the wild.

Have backup water stored in your car, home, and work.

Know where to find water.

Make it a top priority to stay hydrated and drink at least 2-8 liters per day. Drink more under extreme conditions.

Don’t ever drink water that could be contaminated. This means only drink filtered or treated water.

Know what dehydration looks like.

These are some of the symptoms of mild dehydration:

  • Less saliva in mouth
  • Not needing to urinate as often
  • Less urine when you do pee
  • Darker urine or strong smelling urine

These are the symptoms of moderate dehydration:

  • Almost no urine
  • Mouth dry
  • Eyes sunken in and dry
  • Faster heart rate

Severe Dehydration Symptoms:

  • No urine
  • Lethargy and irritability
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

If you reach the state of severe dehydration you may go into shock. Blood pressure will decrease and your skin will become cold and tinted blue. This is an extremely dangerous condition to be in and you should seek medical attention immediately if you or somebody you know has reached this state.  Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of dehydration.  Prevent this by drinking lots of water!