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Survival Uses for a Shemagh

Survival Uses for a Shemagh

Your Bug Out Bag is Not Complete Without this Multipurpose Item

It’s common practice for every prepper and survivalist to wear the appropriate clothing for the weather. When it’s cold we wear several layers, and when it is warm, cool and lightweight fabrics are the material of choice. There is one item, however, that we sometimes forget to bring, and that is something to cover our heads such as a hat or beanie.

We love stuff that can serve many different purposes. A shemagh can be more than just a cloth to cover your head. It can also be a neck wrap, sling, bag or just about anything you can think of that can be done with a piece of cloth. Plus it’s also cheap.

In this video, one of our favorite Youtubers, tourism in the pearl of of africa, shows how you can get the most out of a shemagh. This is one important item to keep in your kit.

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