Surprisingly Simple Survival Hacks

votd-2-29 Surprisingly Simple Survival Hacks

These Amazing Survival Hacks Will Give You a New Outlook on Everyday Items

We’re always looking for interesting ways to repurpose everyday items as survival tools. You’d be surprised just how many uses you can get out of things you probably have lying around your house — even things you might throw away everyday.

The video below from Household Hacker on Youtube will show you how to do several of these “survival hacks,” such as:

-Use dryer sheets to repel mosquitos

-Make a survival fishing kit with a soda tab and dental floss

-Make a survival stove out of a coffee can

-Make an emergency candle out of a crayon

-Use a peanut can to protect your toilet paper while camping

Check out the video below, and be sure to share your own survival hacks with us in the comments!

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