Spring Cleaning Checklist for Homesteaders

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Spring cleaning is a bit different when you’re a homesteader. Check off these spring tasks from your list to ensure you’re ready for homesteading this season!

Spring is my favorite time of year – Time for new growth! But first, the cleaning and housekeeping!

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Homesteaders

As a homesteader, I am always really excited and can’t wait to fill in the spring clean up and chore list. Even if it’s still winter, I am normally already brainstorming about what I should do when spring comes.

To me, and my family, spring clean up lasts almost three to seven days, and we work together as a family and have fun! Here is a list of what I do on my homestead, and tips on how to make it fun and effective…

1. Plant Some Seeds

Plant your seeds NOW while it's early spring - this will make sure they're ready to go for summer! Keep reading for more spring cleaning tips for homesteaders

Black cherry tomatoes planted by the kids.

This is the most important thing to do, as your Summer’s crops will rely on this. I would recommend using the seeds you preserved from last summer, but, of course, if that is not possible, store-bought seeds are also perfectly okay to use.

This job is so easy to do, that you could completely give the task over to your kids and let them handle it. (I let my kids do this almost every year and the crops I grow are just as good as those planted by my kids).

TIP: Label your seedling once transplanted!

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Seed sprouting ideas for homesteaders - great germinating ideas from recycled materials.

2. Prune Your Trees

Be sure to prune your trees this spring so they bloom big in the summer - keep reading for more spring cleaning tips for homesteaders

Wild cherry’s large branch pruned and buds are beginning to grow.

Spring is the perfect time to prune some trees on your homestead. Some free-growing trees such as oaks, wild maple trees, etc. don’t necessarily need to be pruned, but fruit-bearing trees such as apples, pears, lemons, etc. do need trimming once a year to help their branches remain strong and sturdy. Prune the top tree branches just a bit (5 inches). If you haven’t pruned trees before, just wanna warn you, it’s not an easy job. Although it may seem easy, it could be hard. Be sure to purchase high-quality tree-pruners.

3. Get Your Livestock Checked Out

Are all your livestock in good shape for the spring and summer? Don't forget to check their health - Keep reading for more spring cleaning tips for homesteaders

image source

From cattle to pigs, make sure to get them checked out by a livestock vet in the spring. I noticed that mostly during the spring, farm animals get diseases and sicknesses the most. If it so happens that one of your animals is unwell, make sure to bring all the other same types of animals to the vet as well, as the disease could have spread.

Click here to learn about Goat Health Care

4. Order Bulk Soil

Having fresh garden soil is very important for starting your garden in the spring time! Order soil now so you don't forget. Keep reading for more spring cleaning tips for homesteaders

There are several landscaping companies that sell bulk soil, and even offer delivery for under $10! I purchase soil at a local supplier and it costs little over $10 for one square meter. Cool, huh? Most suppliers sell plain garden mix, but some even offer variety—river bottom soil, forest soil, cacti soil, even tree growing soil!

Order Soil Now!

5. Get the Grill Ready

Clean your grill now so it's ready to use all spring and summer! - Keep reading for more spring cleaning tips for homesteaders

image source

Make sure to clean the outdoor grill or BBQ before summer! Put on some rubber gloves, and get scrubbin’! Make sure that if you are planning to use soap or other disinfectant such as Fantastic Spray make sure to wash it off really well—or else you’d be serving Fanstatic at your next BBQ party. :)

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Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean the homestead. Don’t forget the rest of your house. See how you can spring clean your bathroom here from Dulce Candy:

Are you ready to get started on your spring chores? Let us know what you think below in the comments!

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