Splitting firewood safely in record time

Splitting wood quickly is not a fad but a useful thing when you’re trying to live off-grid. If something can save you time it’s definitely worth the while. The Vipukirves axe, as it is named, is specially designed so you can chop wood a lot faster than usual. Due to carefully though physics behind making this tool, you can also feel safer when working with wood. That’s mainly because the downward energy used when chopping is dissipated gradually as rotational energy. Thus, there is no more deflecting when a log is hit off center. And also, there is no abrupt shock either.

“With the traditional axe you are almost always required to strike near the middle of the log. Hitting closer to the edge would be dangerous because it is too easy to miss the log or the axe will bounce wildly from a non-centred strike. In both situations the results can be dangerous. Unfortunately, as we all know, splitting a whole log when hit in the centre is the most challenging task. When you have been able to split it in two, the rest will go much more easily. With Leveraxe you won’t need to take the whole log head on by striking in the middle. Instead, you can easily and safely start splitting suitably sized logs from the sides by striking closer to edges.”

GripRock Splitting Block

This Super-Efficient Splitting Axe is available HERE…

This GripRock Splitting Block is available HERE…

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