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Hey homesteaders, if you’re anything like me then I know you’re constantly on the search for the perfect knife. The one that will always be there by your side when you need it, and won’t crack under pressure (literally)! I’ve got Above Average Joe here from Survival Life to introduce you to the most badass fixed blade knife on the market. Keep reading for a chance to win your own.

Happy homesteading! Riley E. Carlson

Hey guys,

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to finally be ready!

Many of you know that I’ve been working with Hoffman-Richter Knives for a few years now… and they’ve made some pretty incredible knives.

But THIS ONE takes the cake!

I’ve had the honor of helping design and test all of the prototypes of this knife with the master designers at Hoffman-Richter and this new fixed blade has been over two years in the making!

We’re calling it “The Wolf” and you’ve never seen a more badass fixed blade!

It’s almost ready… but I wanted to give you a little sneak peak at what they’re getting ready to release in just a few days…

And I wanted to give YOU a chance to get your hands on it before anyone else does!

I’ve always wanted to help design a custom fixed blade knife, so I’ve been incredibly picky with it.

The prototype just got to my office about two weeks ago and I’ve been taking it out and beating it up every chance I get, just to make sure it could stand up to everything I could throw at it.

Want to see exactly how strong this beast is?

Can your knife do this?

Hoffman Richter Wolf Stress Test

I had my buddy Sam hammer the Wolf into a tree trunk and then stand on it… the knife never even moved.

And Sam isn’t a small guy; he’s right around 200lbs (give or take a cheeseburger.)

This is a full tang blade and damn near ¼” thick!

It’s made of some of the finest steel we could get our hands on and has an unbreakable titanium coating!

This knife is razor sharp right out of the box and holds onto an edge like you wouldn’t believe!

Camping, Self Defense, In Your Bug Out Bag, And Even Every Day Carry… The Wolf Works For Any Job!

(If you can’t tell…I’m a little excited about this knife.)

Here’s just a few more tech specs about the wolf for you:

  • Fixed edge so you never need to worry about moving parts breaking or wearing out
  • Straight edge drop point blade, so that every inch of the blade stays razor sharp and usable (no serrations to become dull and useless)
  • 9″ Overall Length
  • 4″ 5.5 MM Thick Blade (that’s just shy of 1/4″) so you can slice, chop or cut, and never worry about it bending or breaking
  • Ultra Tough Titanium Coating: this knife is damn near unbreakable…but I dare you to try ?

This knife is about to hit the market, and we’ll be one of the first place’s you’ll be able to grab one…but I wanted to give y’all a little something extra… right now, is your chance to get win one of these amazing knives…

This is a special contest only for our Pioneer Settler and Survival Life members (please don’t share it outside of our group).

I’ve got 10 of these knives set aside (plus one for myself) and three lucky winners will be selected at random to get their very own, limited edition “Wolf” Knife from Hoffman-Richter before they even go on sale!

Entry is super simple and takes less than 30 seconds. All you have to do is click the link below and enter your info:

Click here to enter NOW

But hurry, the contest closes soon.

Good Luck!

‘Above Average’ Joe

P.S. I wanted to show off this incredible promotional video they’re about to release for the Wolf. Check it out below:

Click here to enter NOW



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