Simple Homemade Salsa Recipe For The Big Game

Homemade salsa is a perfect partner for fried tortilla chips and burritos, right? It’s simple and easy to make, just scroll down and find how to make this irresistible salsa now!

Simple Homemade Salsa

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There are so many different ways to make salsa, so many different ingredients and variations are possible. I like to make a nice simple homemade salsa to go with my fresh fried tortilla chips or burritos. The ingredients are very basic but the root cellar is the limits on this one. Mix and match add or subtract do whatever that pleases your pallet.


3 Cups of Chopped Tomatoes – I like to use Roma tomatoes.

1 Cup of mixed Red, Green, Yellow Pepper

1 Cup Red Onion

¼ Cup Fresh Chopped Cilantro

2 Tablespoons Lemon-Lime Juice

2 Diced Jalapenos

Salt and Pepper to taste

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I like to add a cap full of apple cider vinegar and a lite drizzle of honey for added flavor and preservation.

All you have to do now is toss all of the ingredients in the bowl mix it up really well, cover and refrigerate.

I found that salsa is always better after it sits and marinates in the flavor overnight. The sweet and spicy combination really pops out. Something I like to do every once in a while is to replace ½ a cup of the peppers and add a ½ of a cup of mango or diced peaches.

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Upgrade this recipe by making dessert salsa! Instead of tomatoes and peppers, use fruits and nuts. There are truly tons of wonderful things you can do with salsa – so knowing how to make it is a must. What are you waiting for? Start making salsa now!

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