Self-Sustaining Solar-Powered Houseboat

Dutch entrepreneur, named Berend Lens van Rijn specialized in the building of floating homes. His company, Belevari Marine designes beautiful water-based living spaces and they want to introduce this new concept to the residents of Abu Dhabi. Rijn’s creations are more than simple houseboats, they are modern floating home that offer a peculiar sense of freedom and comfort to their owner. These homes come in 4 different designs and the smallest one features 2 bedrooms, a deck and a basement that can be used as storage space. If you want to learn more about the story of Belevari Marine and explore some of their houseboats, take a look below…

Welcome to a truly unique experience


Living in a Waterlovt is pure pleasure. No other type of accommodation can offer the same degree of beauty, freedom, independence, and comfort



Waterlovt houseboats are built by a renowned world-class boat builder with an impeccable reputation. Water is in our DNA, because we have a long connection with rivers, canals, lakes and the sea …

waterlovt-by-belvari-marine-6more details here…

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