Self-Sustaining Garden: Beginners Guide to Matrix Gardening [Infographic]

Home Garden Self-Sustaining Garden: Beginners Guide to Matrix Gardening [Infographic] Self-Sustaining Garden: Beginners Guide to Matrix Gardening

Looking for some tips to start your own garden? Why not try the natural approach of Matrix Gardening.

Matrix gardening is based on the natural model as the how the wildflowers grow. Wildflowers flourish without any help from humans because they have established a balance with one another. Each obtains a share of resources, living space, and opportunities to reproduce.

Your choice of plants is the key to the success of your matrix gardening. Thus, this method encourages you to grow the plants that you want and not the plants that you wanted less. Look to the natural models and plant appropriately using both native plants and others that will enjoy sharing space in the conditions your garden has to offer and the space above it is so effectively that no space is left for weeds and to do this in ways that are beautiful and compassionate to the setting of the garden.

It is not only attractive to people but as well as to birds, butterflies, and other native wildlife. The fundamental quality of a matrix gardening is the occupation of space, and it draws inspiration from the ways plants grows naturally yet it is not a mere imitation of nature, thus it requires less maintenance than traditional gardens.

A special thanks and kudos to the guys of! They’ve come up with this amazingly helpful infographic, that will assist you in getting started with your own matrix gardening. Check it out below!

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Matrix Gardening

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