Rural Survival Tools

survival kit for rural preppers

Rural Survival Tools

EDC & Survival Tools for Rural Preppers

I can’t really define my life as wilderness living, urban or even suburban. Navigating my typical week often finds me in all three settings. Though for the most part, I am moving through the rural landscape into towns, suburbia and sometimes city proper.

As a result my EDC or “Get Home Bag” is an evolving entity to help me across all those environments. I keep it all secured in a small sling bag that goes out the door with at all times. I keep it my vehicle most of the time. That is to say within walking distance from where ever I might be. I make minor changes through out the year, as the seasons change. The contents I present are usually in the bag year round.

rural survival tools

Hooked to the MOLLE straps on the bag exterior I keep these 4 items that I may need often.

  1. Becker BK-16 in Kydex Sheath with Tek-lok
  2. Large Firesteel with lanyard
  3. Tactical Flashlight
  4. Zebra Pen

I should also note the bag is designed with Concealed Carry options.

Getting inside the bag itself I carry things that I use often and/or have a high potential of needing.

rural survival gear

  1. 5 x 7 All Weather Blanket
  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. Elastic Bandage
  4. Fire ( Bic(s), Firesteel, Wet Fire Cubes)
  5. First Aid Kit (Band Aids, pain killer, Imodium, chapstick, Moleskin, etc…)
  6. Dental Floss
  7. Spare Prescription Eyewear
  8. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  9. Assisted Opening Folding Knife
  10. Fixed Blade in Sheath
  11. Tactical Flashlight
  12. Cordage
  13. Note Book
  14. Ranger Bands
  15. Sharpies
  16. Multi Tool
  17. 4 Way Wrench
  18. 7 inch Pry Bar

The gear listed above is mostly standard survival type gear found in most kits. The last two items are for built up areas. I can’t always count on being in the woods or near fresh water if an emergency situation came up. I’m a country guy, if you leave me in the middle of nowhere, I will have a very high chance of finding water and a place to hole up in during a storm. Put me in an urban environment during a crisis and I will be struggling.

four way wrench

The 4 way wrench or 4 way sillcock key is for turning on outside water spigots. Most that you see around buildings have the “knobs” removed. This wrench has 4 standard sizes commonly found on spigots. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about running up someone’s water bill, just getting water to stay alive.

7 inch prybar

The last Item listed is a 7 inch Pry Bar. I can think of a hundred uses for this tool. It is worth the space even if it’s just to open a crate or box. It provides mechanical advantage in opening doors and windows. It can be pressed into service for self defense, and being made of carbon steel could strike a spark when desperate.

So that is what I head out into the world with every day. I know it could be improved and some things may change as I discover and learn new skills.

I would really like to hear what other people carry along as EDC or Survival Tools in a rural environment.

Take Care and be Safe!

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