Revolvers for Survival | The Best Guns That Have Stood The Test Of Time

For many people revolvers serve as more than just as a sidearm for personal defense. Their revolvers serve as a memory of some of the most reliable firearms that became widely distributed and that have been passed down from grandfathers to fathers to sons. For decades revolvers were some of the most widely used firearms gaining notoriety throughout Hollywood which, in turn, increased popularity and sales.

Many police departments purchased large orders of revolvers for use by their deputies from companies such as Colt and Smith and Wesson. Not to mention even military contracts were made issuing revolvers for use by officers during times of war.

Revolvers remained the most efficient reliable sidearm until semi-automatic pistols became a sidearm of choice based on ammunition capacity. This is because a magazine fed semi-automatic pistol has a higher ammunition capacity than most revolvers that are based on a rotating cylinder of only five to six rounds. However, to this day revolvers still remain one of the most popular choices as a sidearm in various survival situations.

man-holding-revolver Revolvers for Survival | The Best Guns That Stood The Test Of Time

Evolution of Revolvers

Some of the earliest revolvers were cap and ball but soon became less used once cartridge ammunition became widely available. Revolvers then became well known on the battlefield but were mostly used by ranchers against various lethal animals such as rattlesnakes. However, these revolvers could be loaded only one round at a time as well as emptied such as Colt’s Peacemaker model. This revolver design soon made way for the hinged frame revolver which exposed the entire cylinder allowing for quicker reloading. Finally, the revolver evolved again to the side opening model. This style ultimately became the most popular style revolver on the market.

For years the side opening revolver was used as a personal self defense carry. It is still commonly carried to this day. One of the most popular style revolvers carried for self defense is the snub nose revolver. The snub nose can be easily concealed. However, revolvers are not carried for self defense as often as they used to be as the semi-automatic handguns have been shown to provide more ammunition. Fortunately though among hunters, survivalists, weapons collectors and even various law enforcement and military personnel, revolvers still remain a reliable and trustworthy firearm to this day.

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In various survival scenarios the reliability of a revolver can serve more purpose than some of their competitors. For example, while out hunting or trekking through dangerous terrain the revolver is a great self defense tool. It will help against wild animals because of the various calibers they are available in. One of the best caliber revolvers, besides the .357 and 44 magnum, is the 410 birdshot. These 410 revolvers pack the same punch a shotgun can but in the size of a handgun.

In most survival scenarios however, the revolver may not always be the best choice. Although a revolver is better than having no weapon at all in a situation such as an economic collapse where rule of law is no more than weapons where having a higher ammunition capacity would be preferred. Luckily, in case that a zombie apocalypse ever occurs, then the revolver would be an excellent choice for a survival weapon. Such as the Colt .357 Magnum Python which is seen used by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. See the .357 Python in use here as a survival weapon.

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Issues and Drawbacks

While it is a very reliable firearm, the revolver still has its issues and drawbacks. The first issue would be, as previously mentioned, the lack of ammunition capacity. However, in order to combat this, speed loaders are available for almost all models of revolvers and their calibers. Speed loaders make for an excellent quick reload. All that is needed is to pop open the cylinder, empty the previous shells and drop the speed loader in.

A drawback to the revolver, ironically, is that they are one of the most reliable firearms to date. Therefore, if a part on the revolver were to break, it would require a skilled gun smith to fix it. This is because many of the revolvers from older generations were constructed with hand made parts. Unfortunately, many of these parts are no longer available. Compared to most modern day firearms, parts for revolvers are not nearly as affordable or widely available. Handgrips and replacement cylinders are typically available for most revolvers but hammers and firing pins are not nearly as common. Especially the older the revolver. To counter these drawbacks have available replacement parts if carrying a revolver for self defense.

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