[Revealed] The 5 Close Quarters Combat Tactics You Need To Know

In a survival situation, you never know what kind of self-defense tactics you will need to use or what you’ll have on hand when you need to use them.

You might get lucky and have your sidearm or your knife… Or you could be left using your bare hands.

Would you bet your life on your left hook?

Of course, it’s vital that you know how to use your weapon for both food and defense, provided you have the proper training.

Knowing how to shoot from a distance is a skill that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and should be practiced often. Being a crack shot will help you you hunt for food and defend yourself, your family and your home from predators (the four legged as well as the two legged kind) in a crisis.

But while your rifle might be zeroed in to 1200 yards…

What will you do when things get up close and personal?

There may come a time when going for your gun isn’t practical…or even an option. How confident are you that your hand-to-hand skills would be enough to save your life?

Most of us haven’t had the benefit of a lifetime of martial arts training… But that doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself in a crisis.

My friends over at OutdoorWarrior.com recently shared this article with me: 5 Essential Military Techniques For Close Quarters Combat. Really, I’d consider it more of a self-defense cheat sheet… and it could save your life.

Here are a few of the military combat techniques you’ll learn in this article:

1. Strike Through It – When you throw a punch, follow through.

2. Think About Survival – Keep your mind on survival at all times.

3. Use Weapons – Weapons can be used not only to injure, but to create distance between yourself and your assailant.

4. Use the Ground – Combative grappling techniques can help you win a fight even when you’re forced to the ground.

5. Be Efficient – Don’t waste your energy with reckless kicks and swings. Move with purpose.

Click here to learn more.

With a few simple tactics, that anyone can master, they’ll show you how to take down an attacker twice your size!

If you don’t do anything else today…make sure you read this article.

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