Prepper Journal: Dash Cams Can Be Useful

Prepper Journal: Dash Cams Can Be Useful

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Dash Cams

A variety of dash cam models are now available that are relatively inexpensive compared to just a few years ago and they are DIY installation. You can purchase ones that simply record “forward facing” where it just records what is in front of the vehicle as you drive along the highway.

You can step up and get one that records video and audio inside the cabin as well as the front of the vehicle. You can also get a dash cam system that does the front, inside and the rear of the vehicle and some models can even double as a rear parking assistant.

The systems can be used to record trips and most have a built-in GPS system. The cameras help counter fraudulent insurance claims. However, insurance companies do not offer discounts as of yet just because you have a camera. You can document accidents, road rage incidents, and capture criminal activity.

The dash cams can protect you during an accident by providing proof that it was not your fault, or just imagine you are in an accident and the other party gets violent and you are forced to draw your sidearm, or defend yourself in some way, for example. You would need irrefutable proof that you acted in self-defense.

The cameras can also be used to see how young drivers are doing as well as any driver that may be granted use of your vehicle. The typical camera system is noticeable, but you can buy mini versions that can be concealed and harder to detect from inside or outside of the vehicle.

In most cases you would remove the camera from the vehicle at night. It simply plugs into a 12Volt receptacle and the cameras typically mount on the dash or in some cases, to the rearview mirror. There are models that can be left in the vehicle overnight, however, to record activity if you are having problems with snoops or vehicle break-ins. Park the vehicle so the system records the area you want covered.

Newer models offer the ability to log your vehicles’ position, speed, and heading using a built-in GPS system. You can playback the video and determine vehicle speed and location if there is ever a question about your location at a specific time. You can even track your vehicle in real time using Google maps.

Preppers can use the dash cameras to determine if they are under surveillance by keeping the cameras active while your vehicle is parked in your driveway to determine if the same vehicle or pedestrian has passed by your house more than once in a certain period, for example.

Use the system to track the comings and goings of any neighbors you might suspect of something by parking your vehicle so the camera captures the area you want.

Use the front and rear cameras to determine if you are being followed and keep in mind a good surveillance team will maintain surveillance from the front and back as they follow your vehicle, so you would note vehicles in the front and back as you drive. Safety first of course, so view recordings after your trip at home on your computer.

With a little imagination, you can come up with other uses for the cameras. Remember they operate off a 12Volt system so they can be used in places other than a vehicle if it comes to that. A battery jump box could be a power source if you wanted to record video of a specific area in which you have some security concerns.

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