food securtiy

Food Security

Food Security for most people means having enough food stored to sustain you until more food arrives. In a disaster, this usually means a 3 day supply, but could mean up to a week or a month or more worth of emergency supply.

Food security, if you sustain and grow your own food supply, also means having enough food to get you through an entire year until the next harvest. For those who are preparing for a complete economic meltdown, nuclear fallout, or other large catastrophe, food security means having enough food stored for several years of sustenance. Whichever the case, we will give you some helpful hints on how to secure enough food for you and your family.

Here is a Form that will help you approximate how much food you need for your family. Enter the numbers in the yellow field and see the results below

Household InputENTERassumptionsunit
Adults and Children over 52Adults3.83lbs food/day/person
Young children (1-5 years)3Children2000calories/adult/day
Storage Plan30day plan1600calories/child/day
8servings of grain/day/adult
Food Needs5servings of fruit/day/adult
Household Caloric Needs8800calories/day5servings of vegetables/day/adult
Food categoryservingslbs3servings of dairy/day/adult or child
Grains55662.636oz/day meat/adult
Fruits37041.685servings of legumes/day/adult
Vegetables37041.682sevings oil per day/adult
Dairy27631.095servings of sugar/day/adult
Meat28231.776servings of grain/day/child
legumes37041.684servings of fruit/day/child
oils18420.734servings of vegetables/day/adult
sugar20.142.273servings of dairy/day/adult or child
3oz/day meat/child
sources4servings of legumes/day/child oil per day/child
34servings of food/day/adult