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So you want to build a chicken coop, and you’re looking for the perfect coop plans? It’s easy, follow along below to get started with your own coop plans. This is a great homesteading project for beginners, or if you’re a rookie, because Raising Backyard Chickens is always a good idea.

Planning Your Chicken Coop | Homesteading For Beginners

Know What You Need To Build The Perfect Chicken Coop For Your Homestead

Keeping chickens can often seem like a daunting task to a new homesteader, or anyone who’s never kept animals before. The idea of building your own coop might seem scary, and I know that when I first started looking at coops I was completely overwhelmed by all the choices.

The truth is that keeping chickens should make your life simpler, not more difficult. Anyone can build a coop, it doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles straight away, you can add those later! The best advice I can give you is to do some research but then get started ASAP. Once you know that you want to keep your own chickens you should jump right in. Build a simple coop, enjoy the fresh eggs and then improve from there!

In the infographic from below, I’ve outlined some of the features that you should try and include in your coop.

Chicken Coop Infographic

The Chicken Coop Checklist

Building a chicken coop doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. But there are some important things that you need to remember!

1. Roosts

Roosts | Planning Your Chicken Coop

Chicken sleep just as much as any other animal… sometimes I think more! They love to sleep on a perch, so you should try and install a horizontal bar across the chicken house where they can crouch and fall asleep.

2. Nesting Boxes

Nesting Boxes | Planning Your Chicken Coop

Chickens require nesting boxes where they will be able to lay their eggs. These nests should have some warm insulation such as straw. It is suggested that you have one nesting box per three hens.

3. Food & Water

Food & Water | Planning Your Chicken Coop

You have plenty of freedom when it comes to how you design your coop, but many people keep their feeders off the ground. This can help prevent spillages and accidents.

4. Insulation & Bedding

Insulation | Planning Your Chicken Coop

image via thepoultryguide

The most common bedding material is straw because it’s absorbent, cheap and soft for the birds. You can also use wood shavings or chips. Remember that your chickens will require less insulation in summer, don’t let them overheat!

5. Ventilation

Ventillation | Planning Your Chicken Coop

image via ljcrochets

Have you ever smelt a chicken coop which hasn’t been cleaned out and ventilated properly? It’s not pretty! Install a simple window at least—but remember to also protect it with chicken wire or mesh.

6. Protection

Protection | Planning Your Chicken Coop

image via greenfirefarms

Chickens have quite a lot of predators such as foxes, birds of prey and raccoons. Make sure that you protect your chickens by using a wire mesh around the outside, building with sturdy materials and remembering to padlock the door (if you have one!)

7. Watertight & Shade

Watertight and Shade | Planning Your Chicken Coop

image via cluelessfarmer

Chickens just like us also hate being too hot or too cold. Make sure that the coop is waterproof to prevent them from getting cold during the wet season. Also, ensure that your run has a shaded area where your birds can get out of the sun and cool off!—IMPORTANT

8. Egg Access & Decoration

Access to Egg | Planning Your Chicken Coop

Make sure that you can EASILY gather the eggs that your chickens have laid. You don’t want to have to crawl in everytime! Also, decorate the coop with plants and greenery, it’s great for the chickens.

How will you build your chicken coop?! What does yours look like! Share photos below : )

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