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How To Get A Paracord Survival Bracelet For FREE!

You’re About To Discover How To Get Your FREE Paracord Survival Bracelet… The Paracord Survival Bracelet might be the single most powerful tiny survival tool you could own. Here is why… Start a fire – use it to start a fire… The bracelet has a built in ferro rod and striker. Everyone knows how that […]

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How to Estimate Distance in the Woods with Right Triangles

How to Estimate Distance in the Woods with Right Triangles by Todd Walker As an eighth grade math teacher, a lot of the stuff we teach kids makes no sense. Students rarely get a chance to apply mathematics in the real world. We’re too busy pushing through the state mandated curriculum to get our hands […]

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What is The Ultimate Prepper Vehicle?

So there has been a lot of talk among the prepper community about what really is the ultimate prepper vehicle to get? Flashy cars are certainly a status symbol – and there’s nothing quite like cruising to the beach in a newer model convertible with the top down and the wind on your face. Except […]

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How To Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Water Filter

How To Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Water Filter It could happen to you, you might have to drink water from a source you just don’t trust like the pond down the road, or a barrel of rain water. You might be forced to drink water from a lake or creek near your home. Is […]

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10 Epic Ways To Make a Survival Shelter

In a survival situation, you have to have shelter that’s going to keep you safe from whatever the weather delivers. Whether it’s the sun beating down on you or a raging thunderstorm, you need to be protected and so does your family. Your survival shelter will depend on what materials are available to you. If […]

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Want to Be a Prepper 14 Things You Must Know

Are you literally prepared to live the ultimate prepper lifestyle and think you have got what it takes? Living a prepper lifestyle is not only good for preparing for the future, but it’s a great way to live a less stressful life. Many people get tired of the rat race and long for something more […]

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