Open The Barn Doors For An Entertainment Center And Close Them For A Bookshelf – Brilliant!

If you’re a fan of rustic decoration, then you are going to love this next idea! At a first glance it may look like a regular rustic cabinet with shelves. But notice those beautifully finished barn doors? Once you pull them apart, an entertainment system reveals itself. This is a cool idea to try at home, if you would like to hide your huge modern looking TV. If the rest of your room has a traditional or rustic decoration a flat screen TV would really disrupt the harmony. But by building a beautiful wooden cabinet with two large barn doors, can help you hide your TV anytime you feel like taking a break from it. How do you feel about this idea? Would you try it out in your rustic style home?

Also, in the next page you will find a PDF plan for sliding barn door media wall suite for those who want to build one..



entertainment-center-with-barn-doors-3more details here…

entertainment-center-with-barn-doors-5more details here…

entertainment-center-with-barn-doors-6more details here…

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