silo farm house

Old Farm Silos Turned Into Amazing House

silo farm house

They Bought Three Silos From A Farm And Transformed Them Into Amazing Living Spaces

This family created their dream home from 3 old farm silos. Silo homes are truly amazing! Using silos to create a house is a great choice to build a modern, non-traditional home.

This next family did exactly this: they bought three silos from a farm and transformed them into amazing living spaces. But the silos are not designed for living inside them, so they had to make some adjustments first such as insulating the walls with foam.

To create a whole, they built corridors between each silo and connected them. The space available inside each silo is of 500 square-feet and the middle silo is used as a garage. What looks like a traditional home from the outside, paved with beautiful stonework, turns into a really cool alternative living space once you notice the silos.

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