Nuclear War – 12 Major Things That Will Happen

Sometimes I’m amazed that the world has made it over 70 years with nuclear weapons. We’ve come incredibly close to doomsday several times, but we keep managing to avoid it. How much longer before it finally happens?

Tensions with North Korea have gone down thanks to Trump, but our relationships with Russia and China are getting worse, and now Iran may start building nuclear weapons. With all of this happening, we have a responsibility to ourselves and our to families to prepare for nuclear war in every way that we can.

But in order to properly prepare, we need to know what to expect. In this video, Serious Survivor discusses twelve things that will happen during a nuclear war. Here’s what he covers:

1. The Event Itself – How quickly it will happen and how many will die.
2. Firestorms – These will follow the blast waves. The heat will cause massive fires.
3. EMP – Modern electronics will be destroyed and power will go out.
4. Grid Down – When the grid goes down, even places that aren’t on fire will be in chaos.
5. The Fallout – Radioactive material will spread all over and make many people sick.
6. Hot Zones and Hot Spots – Certain areas will be too contaminated for human life.
7. Radiation Poisoning and Sickness – It will be difficult or impossible to treat these people.
8. Flooding – This will happen because dams and hydroelectric power stations will be unmanned.
9. The Rain – Rain with soot and acidic compounds could be common.
10. Water & Food Contamination – Many foods will be unsafe to eat.
11. Nuclear Winter – Black clouds could stop the sun from heating the earth.
12. The Aftermath – There will be few survivors and life will be very different.

There is a lot more information in the video below.

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