Natural and Organic Homemade Bug Sprays

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With all its sunshine, long nights, and perfect excuses to jump in the pool, summertime can be bad for one thing – mosquitoes. Nothing can ruin a good day of fun in the sun quite like these pesky creatures, and people will go to great lengths to avoid getting bitten. After all, no one wants to scratch for days to come. Ditch the high socks, long sleeves and store-bought sprays this summer and read on to discover how to make your own natural, organic homemade bug sprays that will be sure to keep those bugs at bay!

Homemade Bug Sprays

Homemade Bug Sprays

Homemade Bug Sprays

There are many natural ingredients and herbs that work perfectly to get rid of mosquitoes and other obnoxious pests during a summer’s day. Store-bought mosquito and bug repellant can contain chemicals that are harmful to both the skin and the environment, so why not use your own homemade bug sprays that you know will be safe? It’s always best to go natural and organic when it comes to keeping your skin (and the earth!) safe. Here’s a list of some natural ingredients that work like magic to repel mosquitoes:

Lemon eucalyptus oil:

The CDC has approved this type of eucalyptus oil as an effective and essential ingredient in bug sprays and repellants. This concoction can fend off up to 95% of mosquitoes for a stretch of 3 hours. If you’re going to be outside for longer, make sure to reapply.


Crushing these flowers can produce a scent that drives mosquitoes crazy – and drives them away! Apply the flower oil to bite-sensitive areas of the body and watch as your skins stays protected for hours to come.

Cinnamon oil:

Way more than a topper to add to your oatmeal or toast, research has found that cinnamon actually works to kill of mosquito eggs! However, for our purposes, it also acts as a natural repellant against adult mosquitoes.

Thyme oil:

Thyme oil can be applied directly to the skin to work effectively. Seasoned campers have even been known to throw some crushed thyme leaves into their campfires. This can provide mosquito protection for up to 90 minutes while the fire burns.

Tea tree oil:

Homemade Bug Sprays

Homemade Bug Sprays

This essential oil form Australia has many household uses. In addition to acting as a mosquito repellant, tea tree oil also has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used for other ailments.


Geraniol is a type of alcohol that is typically used as a fragrance or a flavor. It comes from plant oils, such as lemongrass, citronella and roses. It’s known to be effective as a mosquito repellant for two to four hours. However, be mindful to keep it away from eyes and other sensitive areas of the body, as it is an alcohol-based product.

Spray Without Guilt

Lots of research suggests that when it comes to repelling (and even treating) mosquito bites, natural and organic products are the way to go. Avoiding toxic chemicals that come in some store-bought sprays is good not only for all individuals, but for the environment as well. Most importantly, it’s a fun (and fragrant!) way to stay safe this summer.

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