Mom Gets Shot In Family Accident, And Now She’s The One Facing Jail

A gun-rights advocate is facing charges of unsafe storage of a firearm after a shooting accident in which she was the victim. Sheriff’s deputies in Putnam County, Florida charged Jamie Gilt after she underwent surgery.

Gilt was shot by her own 4-year-old son, who picked up a .45 caliber pistol when the two were riding in a truck on the way to pick up a horse on March 8, The Gainesville Sun reported. The boy apparently shot Gilt in the back while she was driving.

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“Jamie told the deputy she had been shot by her son,” Captain Gator Deloach of the Putnam County sheriff’s office told the media.

Deputies found the pistol in the backseat of the truck next to a toy dinosaur.

The deputies charged Gilt with unsafe storage of a firearm, a first-degree misdemeanor, while she was in the University of Florida Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

Gilt told deputies that she usually keeps her pistol in a holster but took it off because she was making a long drive. She put the gun on the seat but it apparently fell off and slid to the back, where her son was able to get it.

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