Martial Law: You Only Have 3 Options


Martial Law: You Only Have 3 Options

I’ve seen countless articles about martial law survival (and have published a couple on this site). But for all the talk about martial law–what it means, what to do, how to survive–the discussion really boils down to three simple options.

That is the topic of this video by Prepper Princess. She cuts through all the BS and breaks it down like this: During martial law, your choices are fight, flight, or F#@% it. In other words, you can…

1. Fight back against the armies that are taking over your town. This isn’t a great option as it will almost certainly end with your death.

2. Run away to the hills and avoid the government altogether. She says you’ll probably die if you do this, and I agree if we’re talking about living off the land. However, if you have a well-stocked bug out location, you have a decent chance of surviving until things return to normal.

3. Give up and live under the rule of martial law. She says they probably won’t confiscate your supplies and firearms, but that really depends on the scenario. I would definitely hide some supplies where they can’t be found.

Watch the video below to hear her thoughts on these scenarios. What do you think?

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