Man Cave Ideas: Is Your Man Cave Badass Enough?

Turn your bunker into the best place in the whole world with these badass man cave ideas!

Badass Man Cave Ideas You Will Want for Your Own

1. Rustic Loo Roll Holder

Looking for rustic man cave ideas? Rustic and rough defines many man caves, and this rustic loo roll holder from Hayes 76 designs should fit right in your man cave's comfort room.

Since we're doing your man cave's T&B, and we're clear on rustic designs, you need to check out this toilet paper crate idea that's taking FB by storm. This rustic toilet paper crate and the roll holder will look badass side by side, indeed!

2. DIY Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Don't toss an empty bottle of Jack away because you're in for a surprise at what they can turn into. Check out this DIY Projects tutorial for an awesome soap dispenser fashioned from an old Jack Daniels bottle.

The best part? Well, you get to drink the whiskey first, duh!

3. Make Hooks from Wrenches

Isn't this rad? It's pretty awesome that you don't need anything other than your superhuman strength, a screwdriver, and an old wrench to throw these puppies up in your man cave.

You can bet the dudes will be jealous. Get a set of Craftsman wrench set and this tutorial from Hassan Abu-Izmero to get started.

4. Make a Tree Stump Cutting Board

Whether your slicing or serving, it's better when you're using a log cutting board. It's also a total badass when you made it yourself.

This project from Jackson Rutter shows you the easy step-by-step process to making a DIY log cutting board. Make one for your man cave now!

5. DIY Wood Pallet Furniture Set

As we've pointed out before, rough and rustic defines the best man caves, and a couch and table set made from pallets is right up that alley. With this project from Grayfish Design, you're also in for a treat if you're fixing to create a cool man cave while staying on the budget.

6. Industrial Wall Shelves Made from Pipe Clamps

Check out this project from The Rehab Life for most cost-effective DIY shelving units you can make. Best of all, everything you need be can found right at your neighborhood Home Depot.

Now, all your essentials are already part of your awesome man cave. If you need some more items to display, you can always check out the net for man cave stuff for sale.

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7. DIY Bourbon Whiskey or Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet

What better way to display your stash of booze than with a good old liquor barrel? Check out this awesome liquor cabinet from Crafted Workshop and you'll think so, too.

In fact, I myself can think of nothing else over the weekend. Now, I'm working on the lighting and sure am excited to light this thing up!

8. Recycled Tire Wash Basin

With all the tires lying around your garage, what better way to reuse them than with this badass sink for your man cave. It looks tough to make but follow the step-by-step process in from S2K Project, and you're good to go!

Now that we're talking about reusing tires for your man cave, this recycled tire ottoman and table will also fit right in your bunker!

9. DIY Bottle Opener and Magnetic Cap Catcher

What makes a beer bottle opener worth using? Not having to bend over when the sucker flies off into oblivion. Streamline the bottle opening process (so you can drink faster!) by snatching these sick man cave bar ideas.

I sure am stoked with this one slick idea from Social Wood Work for a bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher. Now, why didn't I think of that before?

10. DIY Baseball Field Carpet

Watch your buddies you invited over for a Superbowl party rave at the sight of this baseball field carpet. I couldn't help myself either, and my hands just itched to get this brilliant idea from Fantasy Court started.

It took a while to get this done but just in time for my own Superbowl party. You can only imagine how my buddies reacted — it was pure satisfaction!

11. DIY Penny Table Top Using Glaze Coat

If you have pennies lying around or if your change jar is almost full, you should give this penny table top a go. It's a bit intricate but like a puzzle, fun and relaxing, too.

With all the materials at hand, a few hours will allow you to complete this project from Dad DIY. If you have more pennies, then you can also try to install a copper penny floor with this tutorial.

12. Build a Pallet Bar for Your Man Cave

A contracted man cave bar can go around four figures to build, but a rustic one you build yourself will go for a fraction of that cost. Lesser even by using wood pallets and this tutorial by A&J Creations.

Now that we're set on pallet projects, this vintage ice chest from wood pallets should also go well with that bar in your man cave.

13. DIY Corked Dart Board

Your man cave wood walls where the dartboard hangs becomes a casualty after a match. Avoid that by creating this framed cork dartboard from Maker's Best Friend with all the wine corks you've collected over time.

I trust a survivalist who has uses for just about anything, from beer cans to pill bottles, never throw corks away. Get this project started before the next dart match!

Looking for budget-friendly man cave ideas? Watch this video by Next Luxury for more man cave ideas on a budget:

Keeping yourself mentally fit and emotionally stable is also an important aspect of survival. Thus, keeping an area where you can focus, relax, work on some plans and projects, and even invite some buddies over promotes that outlook.

Whether it's your garage, the attic or the basement, and your tool shed, you need that spot for yourself. So start building a man cave on a budget now. Any of these man caves ideas will only make your place all the more badass!

Got some badass man cave ideas of your own? Share your own man caves ideas in the comments section below.

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