How to Make the Ultimate Survival Food

Today you are going to learn how to make a super food that will virtually last a life-time without refrigeration.

Yes! you are going to learn how to make the ultimate survival food to have before the SHTF.

The food is called pemmican.

And it was discovered by north american natives then later by the western explores and the British soldiers.

Basically it contains low-fat meat and berries and is very simple to make.

This recipe was found on page 48 of the lost ways book

How to make the ultimate survival food

So lets get started.

What you will need:

6lbs Beef

2lbs Tallow

1/3 cup blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or strawberries

Next you are going to need to dehydrate the meat and berries.

Step 1. Slice the beef very thin like 1/8 inch thick

Step 2. Dehydrate the beef and berries either using a dehydrator or if you do not own a dehydrator you can use your oven with the door cracked and set to the lowest setting. Set the beef spread out in a single layer on the racks and put the berries spread out on some tinfoil until beef and berries are dehydrated. In the oven this will take around 15 hours at about 130 degrees in the oven.

Step 3. Put the meat in a food processor or powerful blender until it becomes like a powder or fine shredded jerky. next due the same with the berries.

Step 4. Cut the fat (tallow) into 1/2 inch squares

Step 5. Place the fat into a pot on the stove and heat between 225-250 degrees for the first 10 minutes keep on med-high heat mixing once every minute. After 10 mins you can stir every 5 minutes for another 30 mins. After 30 minutes you can lower the temp to about 230 degrees and continue to heat for 1 hour. The fat will melt to an oil and all that is left is some bits of pieces floating on top you can remove with a ladle strainer and eat them later or give to your dog.

Step 6. You need to mix the meat with the fat oil but you first must make sure that they both weigh the same as you want equal weight portions when you mix the two together. Most likely you will be removing some of the fat as it will weigh more the the dehydrated meat. Mix the shredded meat into the rendered fat oil until its well blended keeping the fat on the stove still at about 120 degrees. Next mix in the berries. There should be very little oil visible after its mixed.

Step 7. Following the instructions from the lost ways book you can store it in zip lock bags by pressing them flat and removing as much air as possible and a vacuum sealer would be even better. This should keep the pemmican from spoiling for a few years just in the zip lock baggies.

Watch the video below to get the step-by-step recipe on how to make the ultimate survival food pemmican

survival food kits

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